A completed client launch

Wow, what a whirlwind, but a great success! I have just completed my client launch and it was a huge success. For this client launch, I had to launch a social media campaign for my client, TallulahBelle’s, that I have been working with all semester. Luckily for me, the store already had a Facebook and Twitter page with a large following. You can visit the Facebook page here.

For this client launch, I used five of the assignments that we did in class including the short video and fact sheet. All semester I had really focused on the relocation of TallulahBelle’s and how important shopping local is. I faced a minor obstacle when my client wanted me to focus my posts on Mother’s day, graduation and her upcoming event. With this in mind, I easily found a way to incorporate shopping local and how TallulahBelle’s had relocated, while focusing on the upcoming events.

I also focused on what made TallulahBelle’s special and how they were different from your typical art gallery. I found these types of personal posts to be the most successful during the campaign. I got close to a thousand views when I posted about the artists featured at TallulahBelle’s, the background of TallulahBelle’s and how shopping local was important. I thought this was very exciting and I tried to incorporate this kind of thing into all of my posts.

All in all, the client launch was a success!

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It’s go time


There is one month left of the semester and that means it is crunch time. Everyone starts to work in over drive to finish all assignments, get grades in and prepare for finals. Oh, what an exciting time. Really, the only exciting part of it is that summer is close.

Since the last post, we have been working on client pieces like informational news release, media advisory, media release, short video and an email pitch. I have focused all of my assignments around the relocation of TallulahBelle’s to Downtown Overland Park. I did this to have a central focus for the overall campaign and then differ each specific assignment slightly. I felt that if I had a focus then the overall campaign would come together better. I chose the relocation because it is the biggest thing going on with TallulahBelle’s right now and it is a huge change that customers and potential customers need to know about.

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These assignments have been a challenge because TallulahBelle’s is in Kansas City and I am at school in Norman, Oklahoma. With the distance, we have had to email quite a bit to get information and have my mom go to the store to video for the short video assignment. She did a great job and followed my instructions, but I am a perfectionist so it is hard to not be there to oversee it while it is all going on .

I will use these lessons in my future work by providing coworkers detailed instructions when I can not be there to oversee a project. I will also have to trust my coworkers will do a great job. These lessons will come in handy a lot because in the working world there is a lot of team collaboration and work.

Rokerthon at OU


The client for this event was the Today Show and more specifically, meteorologist Al Roker. I personally interacted with the event staff from the University of Oklahoma for this event because they gave us wristbands when we walked in and then told us which sections to sit in and then showed up to our spot on the football field where we would create the cloud.

The media targeted was the Today Show viewers because this was the main show that the event was about and more specifically the weather portion of the show. Other medias were local news stations that came to over the event locally.

The first specific activity I observed was the human-made weather map. The strategy for this was that the OU pride would outline the United States and then cutout clouds, rain drops and sun would be held up by students in the middle. The planning for this was where the students would specifically stand, where Al would go through to show where the weather was happening and how the camera crew would follow him. It was live television so every thing happened quickly and needed to be ready on time.

One example of a research topic that would have been part of planning for this event was the world record for the largest weather symbols because that was the main attraction to get students to come. At the event, the coordinators planned on breaking the world record so they would have had to do research on how many people hold the record previously and what the rules were to break the record.

Evidence of writing that I observed that contributed to this event was the emails that had gone out previous to the event to get students to attend and explain to them what was happening. Another evidence of writing that I observed was the script for the weather when Al went through the United States map to give the forecast for the day. He needed to already know and have read where the weather would be so he knew what to say and where to go during the live forecast.

I learned at the event that a lot of the PR aspects of the event happen before the event occurs because you need to send out emails and interested people of the event so that they are aware that it is going on before the event occurs or no one will show up. You also need to inform the media of the event so that they come to cover the event and give media time and write stories about the event.

My overall evaluation of this event was good. I thought that they had everything in place and ready to go before we got there and were specific about where to go and what we needed to do and when so that everyone was informed and ready to go.

Continuing client work


Over the past couple of weeks, I have been working with my client, TallulahBelle’s on multiple different PR items. We have done a backgrounder, infographics and photos to help with the start of media relations and getting the word out there.

The backgrounder was more finding facts about TallulahBelle’s through primary and secondary research. The main source I used was TallulahBelle’s our story page on the website. This page was extremely helpful because it talked about the start of TallulahBelle’s, the inspiration for the store as well as the passion behind it. I was impressed with the results because I found a lot of useful information that will help me down the road.

The infographics were about a possible event that could happen that the company and one about the history of the company. I found that the backgrounder was a huge help while doing these infographics. I pulled all the facts I used from the backgrounder and did the design through piktochart. I felt really good about how my infographics turned out. I feel they will bring a creative feel to the boutique and really get people interested.

Another task since my last blog post was the photos with captions. The assignment was to get a few pictures that are relevant to the client and add captions. Since TallulahBelle’s is such a unique boutique, I went in a different direction and took a more personal route. I did a few photos of the owner and her daughter, who was the inspiration for the boutique and the reason for the name of the boutique. I also decided to do a few products to show the uniqueness as well. All the products are handmade and that was important for me to highlight as well. My reaction to all the photos and captions was good and content. I felt that through these photos, customers would better understand TallulahBelle’s, how they came about and what they are/ sell. Here is a photo of Melanie Coleman, the owner, with her daughter and an example of a handbag sold at TallulahBelle’s.


After receiving these assignments, I responded by first going to my client and discussing with her how she wanted me to go about these assignments, what was important to her that I highlight and if anything was going on at the boutique that would be a good idea to get out in the media. Once I received her response, I went from there and began the assignment.

I felt very proud about the final product. I feel that these assignments will help my client a lot by getting more information about the boutique and the history of the boutique. The creativeness and uniqueness of the boutique was really displayed through these assignments and I expect positive feedback from the public.

Getting into the PR writing emotions

We have now finished the first month of school and that means the work load is beginning to pick up. In PR writing, I have grown my personal brand through my social media sites. I have twitter, Facebook and instagram.

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On Twitter and Linkedin, I have changed my platform and gone from a more personal, college kid look to a more professional feel, well as much as a 20 year old college kid can. I have followed different brands and companies that I feel are in the sector of PR that I would like to get into after college to help grow my personal brand and start to connect.

Along with growing our personal brands, we have a real life client that we will be doing PR for throughout the semester. My amazing client is Tallulahbelle’s. Tallulahbelle’s is a local boutique in Overland Park, Kansas. Their grand opening of the new location is tonight so definitely go check all of that awesome stuff out! I am so excited to work with Melanie on all things PR to help grow this awesome boutique. ┬áSo far we have started doing some secondary research on media outlets and past exposure of Tallulahbelle’s.

It is looking like this is going to be a great semester. I will be getting some real world PR experience along with in depth writing in class. I look forward to it.