The end is here

Now that the semester is over, this post is a reflection of my time in PR pubs and where I am now. I go through a few questions that made me reflect on my time in PR pubs. I hope you enjoy!

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How was the course format?

The course format was great! I felt it allowed each of us to find our own way and become our own person through different creative applications. We were not forced to do it one way, we were free to find our own way. I really enjoyed that freedom and I feel that contributed to my growth a lot.

How was journaling every week?

Writing is my passion and I find words to be a great release for me. So obviously, I really enjoyed journaling every week. It was also a great reflection tool each week to sit down and really think about the process I went through to come out with the finished product.

What will happen to your site?

I had this blog site before this class and I will continue to use it after, but in a different way. I will continue to blog about my life and travels. I find blogging to be fun and an easy way to keep up with people and their lives. I also enjoy reading blogs on different subjects that interest me.

How did you grow as a creative?

My growth during this class was insane. I started with basically zero experience, so there was nothing but growth the entire semester.  During the first week of class, I couldn’t even find the desktop, let alone how to navigate adobe suite. I am really proud of how much I grew during this time and I can’t wait to see how I continue to grow.

The end is near

Completed, finished, done. The last assignment of PR Pubs has been finished and turned in. Now it is time to reflect on all the wonderful and horrible things that I experienced this semester in PR Pubs.

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Looking back on my blog posts at the beginning, I was clearly nervous and not sure how I would be at the graphic design side of PR. I had zero confidence in myself to be able to do this type of work and really, I didn’t want to do this side of PR. I have always been more interested in the writing, public speaking and social media side of PR.

As the semester went on, my confidence grew and I realized that I could do it and that I also really did enjoy working with the new applications that we used. I tend to not enjoy things as much when I can’t figure something out quickly because I normally can. PR Pubs was not one of those things and so it took me a while to enjoy it.

I believe the turning point for me during the semester was when we used Canva because that was a site I had used before and I finally felt comfortable in the class. From that point on, my outlook on the class changed and I began to come in more confident about my projects and I began to like the completed projects.

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My favorite project that I did was the video interview with Erin. I was really proud of how it turned out and I really enjoyed the process of making it. I felt confident the whole time and saw myself grow through that project. Here is the link if you haven’t seen it yet.

Overall, I felt I grew a lot through this class. This was the first time I have ever used Adobe suite applications. I now have a better understanding of them and can do the basics of each application we used. I feel more confident in my design abilities and am excited to see where I go in the future and how these new skills will benefit me.

Here is my final PR Pubs project to show you a timeline of this semester in PR Pubs through emojis:

A Brief Historyof PR PUBS.png


The final product is here

Finally, I have completed the video! It has been a long time coming, but I am so glad that it is done. During the process, I experienced some obstacles, but overall I enjoyed the process from creating the video to editing it.

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Some obstacles faced were realizing that the video had to be under three minutes and of course mine was over that. This caused me to have to delete an entire section that I thought was important and that wrapped up the entire video. Another obstacle was figuring out all the editing functions that went into making a video, but overall I think it went well.

I really enjoyed the process and how it turned out. It was so fun getting to know more about a classmate that I probably wouldn’t have talked with because she sits on the other side of the room. We had a good time filming and making b-roll. The editing process was not as difficult once I got the hang of it. Although I have to say, I am so happy to have completed this project.

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Overall, I really enjoyed the process and I have provided the link to the interview if you would like to watch it! Enjoy!


The video saga continues

I know you all are on the edge of your seat wondering how my video project is going and not to ruin the surprise, but it is going very well. It is not done yet, but I am well on my way to finishing by next Thursday, which is the due date. Thankfully it has been moved back due to the long process it takes to cut and edit a video.

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The editing is coming along and I am really happy with it. I have completed the length and more that it needs to be. The whole interview is based off of her high schools years and focuses mainly on her time in show choir. I start the video off with her dancing through the hallway and then the interview starts. I felt like the dancing was a light hearted way to start off the interview, but it was also a way to secretly give the viewer an inside to what the interview was about.

Throughout the interview, while she is talking, the b-roll is mainly her scrolling through her Facebook feed of photos from show choir and her friends. It is also her showing her high school show choir performance. This b-roll footage gives viewers a nostalgic feel about going back to their past and reliving it through her talking about her high school days, I hope this gives them a connection to the interview.

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At random points during the interview and between questions, the music turns up and it cuts to her dancing through the halls again. I feel that this gives the interview a fun and light hearted feel, which is what I am going for. I love how the video is turning out and how fun and free it is. I hope the finished product is even better and turns out how I hope and imagine it will. To hear more about my video saga read my previous two blog posts on the start of the process and the post interview.

Finally excited

The time has come to start the video process and the interview piece is completed. I am actually so excited to put it all together because I have this vision in my head and I really hope I can manage to make it a reality.

My interview partner and I met today at 6 pm to do our interviews because I fly home for Easter tomorrow and will not be in class. I think this actually worked better for us because it was at a time of day that Gaylord college was quieter and therefore background noise will not be as big of a problem.

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We had a great time filming each other and asking questions. I was not quite sure how I was going to feel during the interview because I am not a huge fan of being put on the spot. But, we had a great time and the questions were super easy to answer and it really felt natural, kind of like a conversation. My questions were mainly about my childhood and my mom, which are easy topics to talk about. I mean come on, who doesn’t love talking about themselves?!

The questions  I asked during her interview were about high school and experiences and lessons learned from high school. It was a really cool experience to kind of truly meet the person that day and just jump right into a semi deep conversation about their life and who they are. I actually really enjoyed it.

For the Broll, we had a blast filming it. We tried to get as artsy as we could and really dig to find our creativity. Since the questions really had nothing to do with OU and college life, we decided to do an over-the-shoulder shot while scrolling through pictures, mine of my mom and I and her of her high school days. I also had her dance down the hall way for a good time.

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I am now excited to start the editing process and hopefully make my idea come to life! Fingers crossed.

Getting into the video vibes

Croom, our fierce-less leader is back!! Thankfully, and now everything is more clear on what to do, how to do it and when it is due.

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Since this week was a little hectic, I will give you all the inside scoop into the video assignment that will be coming. To prepare for this video, we watched a TED talk about StoryCorps and how it has impacted people’s lives and he shared a few of the interviews. This video assignment we are doing is based off of StoryCorps and the interview format it follows.

Now the main difference between StoryCorps and how we will be conducting the video, besides the level of professionalism, is in StoryCorps interviews, they are between two people who know and love each other and ours will be between two classmates who do not necessarily know each other.

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What concerns me about this type of format is how in-depth can these interviews really be if the interviewer knows little to nothing about the interviewee and therefore can not lead the conversation to be more meaningful by already knowing the surface level of the person. I feel these interviews will be more basic and on subjects of everyday life or a piece of ones childhood.

I am excited to start the process and to begin interviewing my person because I am interested on how the conversation will go since it is meant to more raw and real, but most people tend to build a wall or close themselves off a little bit until they get to know a person.

Cheers to another week in PR pubs and the beginning of a new video experience.

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Wait, what was that?

Oh boy, oh boy. This week was interesting and we didn’t even have class on Thursday. So, for starters we had a substitute and he was great, but did not quite understand how things at Gaylord work because he has never taught there, which makes total sense. We were learning how to use Adobe Publisher, which allows you to create and edit videos.

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We started out by watching tutorials on The idea was great, but the execution was not. No one brought headphones so everyone was on a different video or a different part and the sound was just too much. There is also just so much to learn on this tool that it was overwhelming coming from an online tutorial. This tool is more of a step by step in class demonstration and then a Q&A session when no one understands. But we did our best.

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The lovely substitute kind of caught on to the growing frustration of what the heck are we doing and decided to demo the tool in class, bless him, it was much needed. He uses the tool a lot so he knew what he was doing and therefore went a little fast, but we were still able to catch on or at least act like it. We had fun editing and putting together random videos of greyhounds. Not the cutest dog in the world, but still pretty cute.

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All in all, we did our best this week and all we can hope for is that Croom comes back and we figure out what we are doing. It is already clear I am going to need all the luck and prayers I can with this tool. Thank you in advance.

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