10 lessons I’ve learned in 21 years

I have finally made it! After months of waiting and all of my friends being 21, my birthday has finally come and I could not be more excited. To celebrate this milestone and my birthday month quickly coming to an end (yes, I celebrate the whole month), I decided to write about 10 lessons I have learned in my 21 years on this earth.

  1. Don’t wish to grow older, time is precious and it comes and goes faster than you think.
  2. Enjoy where you are and who you are with, every thing and every one seems to change so fast and you can’t get it back.
  3. Family really is everything. No matter how far you travel or how many mistakes you make, they will always be there to back you up, no matter what.
  4. Take time to see the ones you love. My family is spread out throughout the United States from Orange County, California to Southern Florida. Nothing is better than getting off that airplane and having my three and four year old cousins run up and give me the biggest hug. It makes the travel all worth it. Get a good book and hit the road!
  5. Quality over quantity. I cannot emphasize this one enough. It is probably one of the biggest and hardest lessons for me to learn and I am still working on it. Great friends who care and love you are so much better than having a ton of friends who just text or call you when they need something. You are important and your friends should value your time and friendship and you should value them as well.
  6. Don’t sweat the small stuff. At the time, not being invited to a gathering or not getting the internship you wanted may seem like the biggest deal in the world, but don’t worry. You are probably better off without it because something even better is in the works. You just need to breathe and keep going. The world is not ending. Get up and make yourself a better person.
  7. You probably won’t have your life together and that’s okay. At 21, how are we suppose to know what we want to do till we are 65 or 70? That is more time to be doing one thing than we have been alive and that is a lot of pressure. Don’t worry, this is the time to try things and figure out what works and what doesn’t. Apply for internships and shadow as many people as you can. This is the best way to get an idea if a job is right for you or not.
  8. Don’t let the fear of failure stop you from trying something. At one point in your life, you are going to fail and that is fine. It is how you pick yourself back up and learn from it that matters. Make the most of every opportunity and give it your all. Odds are, you are going to be just fine.
  9. Travel. Whether it is to a different state or different country, do it. In my short 21 years of life, I have traveled to 14 different countries and they have been some the best experiences I have ever and probably will ever have. Having the opportunity to not just learn about other countries, but experience and immerse myself into them has been amazing. Traveling isn’t just fun, it makes you a better person. I know I am because of it.
  10. Take time to grow your friendships. Life is lonely without friends. Everyone gets busy and it is easy to get into a routine and forget to reach out to people, but do it. Take time to have lunch with friends or hang by the pool. Ask them questions, see how they are doing, what is new in their life. These are the friendships you have to fall back on when everything else disappears. Make sure these relationships are strong, show your friends you really do care for them.

I have loved the past 21 years and cannot wait to see where the next 21 take me! 


A day in OKC

A Saturday full of adventures is my kind of Saturday. Some friends and I spent the day out in Oklahoma City exploring, eating and drinking coffee. It is about time I explore the awesome city that has been so close for three years. Although it was a bit chilly, which I was totally unaware of, we had a great time. IMG_0694.JPG

We spent the first part of the afternoon walking around the local market with some great vendors. The first purchase of the day was at OKcollective, a homemade candle shop. I bought an amazing smelling candle named wander, I mean could that be any more perfect?! This place has a ton of scented candles and I can not wait to try some more scents.


Once we were all shopped out (if that is even possible), the next logical thing to do was get food. First, we had to stop at the cutest double decker coffee bus ever, Junction Coffee. I don’t know what was better, hanging out in a vintage double decker bus or the vanilla latte. It’s a close call, but either way it is a must when you are in OKC.


After coffee, we just had to get a dozen mini doughnuts with chocolate glaze and sprinkles from Metro Minis. Obviously, we are all adults here. Blue Garten is a food truck park next to the local market in OKC with a bunch of outdoor seating and different types of food trucks. Since we were too cold to eat lunch outside, we went to Bricktown to go to Fuzzy’s. But we came back for the doughnuts and giant jenga. We split a dozen mini doughnuts and they were amazing, the perfect combination of sweet and small. It wasn’t too filling, but enough to get full. After the doughnuts, we had an intense game of giant jenga, sad to say I lost.IMG_0765 2.JPG

We had to stop by some graffiti walls for great pictures, of course. Besides the tough loss in Jenga, it was a great day spent with friends exploring a new city that has been in my own backyard for three years now. I guess sometimes it takes a while to do everything. I can’t wait for more adventures to come.


‘Tis the season

 Nothing sets the mood for the holiday season quite like the Plaza lighting. The whole city gathers to watch the lights turn on Thanksgiving day. This year, it was pouring rain and freezing, so my mom and I went into Lockton and watched the lights turn on from the 10th floor.

My favorite part of the holidays is coming home from college and getting to hang out with family. My mom and I always go shopping for last minute gifts. My family tends to do everything last minute and we are always running late.

On Christmas Eve, my family goes to church and then after we open an individual gift, always PJs, and a family gift, always a board game. We play games for a couple hours and then go to bed and wait for Santa to come. I tend to be the first one awake, so I wake up my little brother first and then we both team up to wake up my older brother.

This Christmas was filled with lots of food, games and family. Now I am off to southern Florida to spend NYE at my grandparents house.

I hope every had a very Merry Christmas! Comment your holiday traditions below.



5 Ways to Procrastinate 

As a college student, I tend to find myself constantly trying to find ways to avoid all responsibility. I am usually on top of all my work but there are times when I’d rather be doing anything else. Here are my 5 favorite ways to procrastinate:

1. Watch Netflix. Netflix is the perfect way to escape reality and watch your favorite TV shows or movies. If you currently do not have Netflix, it is a must get. It’s only $7.99 a month and you get the first month free. How generous are they?!  I am currently obsessed with The Blacklist. A couple other favorites that I have watched are Gossip Girl (all-time favorite), Grey’s Anatomy, and One Tree Hill. Next on my list is Gilmore Girls and everyone says it’s awesome.

2. Take BuzzFeed quizzes. All day, my friends and I send different quizzes back and forth. They range from which celeb are you to can we guess your age in 14 would you rather questions. So basically I’m Kourtney Kardashian at 24, no big deal. They are so fun/funny to see your results. But once you take one quiz, you will not stop till you find out everything about yourself according to BuzzFeed.

3. Nap. Sleeping, the best way to avoid all things in life. My naps usually start at 20 minutes then when my alarm goes off I tend to turn it off and my nap turns in to 2 hours, at the least. A nap is the most refreshing way to procrastinate, but trust me, it will last longer than planned, which isn’t Always a bad thing.

4. People watch. Time flies when you’re people watching. The airport is the absolute best place to people watch, but since most people don’t just casually stroll through the airport on the daily, other great places are the student union, Starbucks and the gym. So many different people are at all these places you are bound to find some entertainment.

5. Go get food with friends. Food is more than just eating calories, it is a social event. Grab some friends and go get froyo or a smoothie and sit and talk for hours. My favorite spots to go are Starbucks, Braum’s, and Orangeleaf. It works every time and while you’re there they may just help you solve all the world’s problems, well probably not but maybe your problems at least.

I hope you all have a great time procrastinating! If you have other favorite ways to procrastinate comment below and I will try them out next time I’m looking to avoid all responsibilities.



This is Halloween

 This is Halloween, this is Halloween, Halloween, Halloween, Halloween… Every Halloween that song gets stuck in my head, I don’t even remember what it is from. Halloween is all about haunted houses, scary masks, and costumes. I absolutely hate being scared, so Halloween isn’t my favorite. Haunted houses and scary movies are all no-gos for me. Although I am not a fan of the scary aspect, I sure do love the candy. As I’ve grown up, I’ve realized every Halloween you tend to get less and less candy, till you get to the age where you can no longer trick-or-treat so unless you buy it yourself, you won’t get candy or you will be the one handing it out. So I took it upon myself to buy some Halloween candy and celebrate.

This Halloween I had two costumes. The first one was a Coca-Cola can. I wore black leggings, white high top converse, a red Coca-Cola t-shirt and red tulle in my hair. I already had everything I needed for this costume besides the shirt, so two of my friends and I went to Wal-mart and I got a Coca-Cola shirt and they got a Dr. Pepper and Mountain Dew shirt. It was a fun, cheap costume, perfect if you have a college student budget.

My second costume was a Whataburger number. Nicole, one of my very good friends, came up with the idea and Elizabeth and I loved it. So we all did it. For this costume, all we had to buy was 2 pieces of white poster board, orange paint, black yarn, and paint brushes. It’s a DIY costume and I am the farthest thing from a DIY type of girl. This costume was a struggle for me, but Nicole and Elizabeth were very good at it and it worked well for me because they helped when I didn’t know how to do bubble letters. Under the costume, we wore black shirts and a long sleeve shirt. This costume was a hit! Everyone was complimenting us and pointing us out to their friends. It was great, the hard work of the DIY costume definitely paid off.

Halloween is a good excuse to blow the diet and indulge in lots and lots of candy. Have fun working off the candy weight Before thanksgiving arrives! I know I will.



Fall Festivities 

 Halloween was the perfect day In Norman, OK to venture to the pumpkin patch. A couple friends and I went over to TG Farms to spend the late afternoon in search of the perfect pumpkin. TG Farms has a ton to do like a corn maze, hay ride (it was closed when we went because of storms the day before), petting zoo, and you get to pick a pumpkin. It was the perfect afternoon spent outdoors with friends.

Nicole led us through the corn maze is less than 5 minutes, I was extremely impressed. It was very muddy because of storms the day before but it was still fun to go through.

The actual pumpkin patch was a mud swamp so we just stuck to the very edge and looked for the perfect pumpkin. Since we all live in the sorority house, we had no place for a large pumpkin so we decided to find small ones and set them outside our room doors. It adds another festive feel to the house, I love it!

The petting zoo had goats, miniature horses, cows, pigs, and bunnies. They were all so cute and only wanted to come by us if we had food. They all smelt bad so I did not stay by them for long.

At the entrance, there was a large hay bail spray painted as a pumpkin, and throughout the farm there were face-in-the-holes That we had to stop and do. In the middle of the farm, there was a large play set made of hay and pipe slides. It may have been made for younger kids, but we still had a blast on it. Tire shaped horse swings are not as comfortable as you may think, they are actually pretty hard to swing on. We also used mini pumpkins as eyes, it was Laura’s idea!  Plaid is a fall essential and the scarecrow was dressed in plaid so of course we had to mimick the scarecrow.

 I hope you enjoy all of these fun fall photos and get to enjoy the pumpkin patch for yourself this fall. I will post about my Halloween costumes soon. Have a fun, fall week!




 One of the most rewarding moments in my short 19 years of life is becoming a Starbucks gold card member. Almost everyday after class or my work out, I’ll stop at Starbucks to get my very berry hibiscus with light ice, or a pumpkin spice latte now that fall has arrived! Starbucks is the perfect place to hang out and chat with friends or do some homework before or after class. Below I have listed my favorite Starbucks cup and drinks:

Very Berry Hibiscus- MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE. A must try. Almost everyday I go to Starbucks and order a venti very berry hibiscus with light ice. It tastes amazing, has a little caffeine to keep me going on a long day and is only 100 calories for a venti. Everything about this drink is amazing, especially the fact that it is only 100 calories for a venti. It is a cold drink so I would suggest trying it sooner rather than later when it is too cold. Even if you wait it will still be great!

Pumpkin Spice Latte- I am late to the trend but I had my first pumpkin spice latte about 2 weeks ago and it is life changing. I do not really drink coffee so I was a little nervous, but like everyone says, it is truly the perfect fall drink. In order to fully enjoy all of the PSL’s fall perfectness, I would suggest sitting outside or walking around in the cool crisp air with a light sweater and looking at all the gorgeous leaves changing colors or even better yet, go to a pumpkin patch. Trust me, you will not be disappointed. The PSL is all of fall’s perfectness wrapped up in one small drink.

Hot Chocolate- Hot chocolate is a must for winter and fall. I am not a huge coffee lover but a warm drink after playing in the snow is perfect. I prefer my hot chocolate made with milk instead of water and no whip cream. I feel like the milk adds more flavor and makes it a little thicker. Starbucks has a salted Carmel hot chocolate that is delicious, except I ask for no salt. I’m weird and just do not like salt on anything, even French fries!

Tumblr- if you bring a Starbucks cup when you order, you receive a 10 cent discount. I know it does not seem like a lot but after awhile it adds up, especially for a college student, we need all the extra change we can get. I bring mine every time and that way we are also saving plastic cups to help the environment. It’s a win-win, you get to drink your Starbucks in a super cute cup (mine has sunglasses all over it- super summery, I need a fall one soon) and save the environment!

I hope everyone enjoys their Starbucks drink of choice today and everyday! You haven’t truly experienced fall until you get a Starbucks drink and go to a pumpkin patch or pick some apples. Starbucks has new fall cups out now and they are so cute! Have a colorful fall everyone:)



Game Day!!

BOOMER! It’s football time in Oklahoma. There is nothing like cool fall air, tailgates (even at 9 am for 11 o’clock games) , and 82,000 crazy Sooner football fans shooting BOOMER SOONER all together before kick off.

Everyone always has the cutest Crimson or white dresses and cowboy boots on for gamedays. A game day is never complete without brick wall pictures at the Phi. Football brings everyone together whether you understand sports or not. We are currently 4-0!!! BOOMER SOONER.

This weekend is OU vs. Texas, one of the biggest games of the year down in Dallas at the Cotton Bowl stadium. OU cancels classes on Friday so everyone can spend the weekend in Dallas getting ready for a big Sooner win and celebrate afterwards. No matter what the rankings are between the teams, the game will always be close and the atmosphere is crazy. All fans going wild for their team hoping to pull out the win. The Texas state fair also goes on at the same time so after a win (hopefully) fair food is the best way to celebrate. They have everything and anything you can imagine fried. There is no better feeling than cheering the boys of fall onto another victory.



After getting home from college this summer, I wanted a new workout plan. I did not just want to go to a normal gym everyday or run outside. I wanted to do something I would actually enjoying going to. My mom had been doing a Pilates reformer class that she loved and I had tried yoga before so I thought maybe that would be fun. My chiropractor recommended Better Bodies Pilates and said they also offered barre classes. I had never been to one before but after going I knew it was the perfect workout class.

Barre is a workout class that uses the ballet barre. It works your entire body with different emphasize on different parts of the body depending on what type of class you go to. From the outside looking in, you would not think it would be hard, it looks like such easy movements but boy are you wrong. Just the warm up will get your legs shaking. Classes are usually an hour long and you will for sure feel the burn by the time your done. Typically, the class is divided into two major sections, arms and legs but you use your abs the entire time. At the end for about 10 minutes, you do just abs and you can feel you’ve been working them the whole time because you just shake while attempting to do the ab moves. Barre is perfect for any level of fitness people from beginners to body builders. You do not have to have a dance background to understand the class and you do not have to be flexible or have balance.

Now that I am back at the University of Oklahoma, I go to barre class almost everyday at Balance. Yoga. Barre. The instructors are amazing and they all have a slightly different style than one another which is great because they all tend to focus on different parts of the body. If you have never tried barre and tend to find yourself not wanting to work out because it’s boring, barre is definitely the class for you. I hope everyone tries it and loves it! If you do try it, let me know what you think.



Room Decorations

My Desk


TV, Shelves, Roommate’s Desk




Shelves by my bed


Sophomore year means living in the sorority house! I enjoyed living in the dorms but I am so glad I do not have to again. I am excited to live in the house and get closer with so many of my sisters. My roommate and I picked a room between the work out room and the bathroom, maybe I will feel motivated to work out since it is so close, but probably not. Below I have listed where we got all of the stuff in our room:

Bedding: Target This bedding comes in a duvet or a comforter. I got the comforter because I had a duvet last year and the inside always fell to the bottom so it was like I was sleeping with just a sheet. We went with navy blue sheets because white shows too much. In the dorms and in the house, I got a mattress pad and a bed bug protector just to be safe.

Crafts: Etsy The entire room is covered with tons of crafts and I love it because it seems more fun. The majority of the crafts were done by friends, etsy, or my roommate did them. I can not craft, but I found a bunch of ideas on Pinterest and asked some friends to do them. Pinterest is full of different ideas for crafts and many other things.

Desk: Bed Bath and Beyond I got my school supplies organizer and lamp at Bed Bath and Beyond. The supplies organizer holds everything, it also has a small drawer for post it notes so all my school supplies is in one spot. The lamp has an outlet and USB plug in it,  so you can charger your phone or iPad right on the desk. I added two flowers and quotes from Sex And The City to make the space more fun and creative. I love having a ton of pictures all around so I printed out about 50 pictures from CVS and covered the cork board above my desk in them with a water colored world map with my favorite quote “not all who wander are lost.”

Bed shelves: I love pictures and lots of them. I always forget to actually take pictures though. Having pictures of my friends and family all around makes the room feel more like home to me. So of course, I decorated my bed shelves with lots of pictures. I got the majority of the frames from Bed Bath and Beyond. I also have a light up “P” from Target so I can read or do homework in bed when my roommate is asleep. I use the umbrella jewelry holder for the jewelry I wear everyday. It is convienent to be able to take off the jewelry I wear everyday when I get in bed or I would always forget and have to get back down to take off my jewlery.

Living in the sorority house has been an absolute blast so far and I can not wait to see what the rest of the semester has to hold. I will be studying abroad in Spain for the spring semester and I am so excited to explore this amazing place! I sure will miss being with all my friends in the house but we are getting an apartment next year! I can not wait to have karaoke nights all the time. I hope everyone is having a fabulous school year so far!