10 lessons I’ve learned in 21 years

I have finally made it! After months of waiting and all of my friends being 21, my birthday has finally come and I could not be more excited. To celebrate this milestone and my birthday month quickly coming to an end (yes, I celebrate the whole month), I decided to write about 10 lessons I have learned in my 21 years on this earth.

  1. Don’t wish to grow older, time is precious and it comes and goes faster than you think.
  2. Enjoy where you are and who you are with, every thing and every one seems to change so fast and you can’t get it back.
  3. Family really is everything. No matter how far you travel or how many mistakes you make, they will always be there to back you up, no matter what.
  4. Take time to see the ones you love. My family is spread out throughout the United States from Orange County, California to Southern Florida. Nothing is better than getting off that airplane and having my three and four year old cousins run up and give me the biggest hug. It makes the travel all worth it. Get a good book and hit the road!
  5. Quality over quantity. I cannot emphasize this one enough. It is probably one of the biggest and hardest lessons for me to learn and I am still working on it. Great friends who care and love you are so much better than having a ton of friends who just text or call you when they need something. You are important and your friends should value your time and friendship and you should value them as well.
  6. Don’t sweat the small stuff. At the time, not being invited to a gathering or not getting the internship you wanted may seem like the biggest deal in the world, but don’t worry. You are probably better off without it because something even better is in the works. You just need to breathe and keep going. The world is not ending. Get up and make yourself a better person.
  7. You probably won’t have your life together and that’s okay. At 21, how are we suppose to know what we want to do till we are 65 or 70? That is more time to be doing one thing than we have been alive and that is a lot of pressure. Don’t worry, this is the time to try things and figure out what works and what doesn’t. Apply for internships and shadow as many people as you can. This is the best way to get an idea if a job is right for you or not.
  8. Don’t let the fear of failure stop you from trying something. At one point in your life, you are going to fail and that is fine. It is how you pick yourself back up and learn from it that matters. Make the most of every opportunity and give it your all. Odds are, you are going to be just fine.
  9. Travel. Whether it is to a different state or different country, do it. In my short 21 years of life, I have traveled to 14 different countries and they have been some the best experiences I have ever and probably will ever have. Having the opportunity to not just learn about other countries, but experience and immerse myself into them has been amazing. Traveling isn’t just fun, it makes you a better person. I know I am because of it.
  10. Take time to grow your friendships. Life is lonely without friends. Everyone gets busy and it is easy to get into a routine and forget to reach out to people, but do it. Take time to have lunch with friends or hang by the pool. Ask them questions, see how they are doing, what is new in their life. These are the friendships you have to fall back on when everything else disappears. Make sure these relationships are strong, show your friends you really do care for them.

I have loved the past 21 years and cannot wait to see where the next 21 take me! 


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