The end is near

Completed, finished, done. The last assignment of PR Pubs has been finished and turned in. Now it is time to reflect on all the wonderful and horrible things that I experienced this semester in PR Pubs.

Dancing GIF- found here

Looking back on my blog posts at the beginning, I was clearly nervous and not sure how I would be at the graphic design side of PR. I had zero confidence in myself to be able to do this type of work and really, I didn’t want to do this side of PR. I have always been more interested in the writing, public speaking and social media side of PR.

As the semester went on, my confidence grew and I realized that I could do it and that I also really did enjoy working with the new applications that we used. I tend to not enjoy things as much when I can’t figure something out quickly because I normally can. PR Pubs was not one of those things and so it took me a while to enjoy it.

I believe the turning point for me during the semester was when we used Canva because that was a site I had used before and I finally felt comfortable in the class. From that point on, my outlook on the class changed and I began to come in more confident about my projects and I began to like the completed projects.

Hulu GIF- found here

My favorite project that I did was the video interview with Erin. I was really proud of how it turned out and I really enjoyed the process of making it. I felt confident the whole time and saw myself grow through that project. Here is the link if you haven’t seen it yet.

Overall, I felt I grew a lot through this class. This was the first time I have ever used Adobe suite applications. I now have a better understanding of them and can do the basics of each application we used. I feel more confident in my design abilities and am excited to see where I go in the future and how these new skills will benefit me.

Here is my final PR Pubs project to show you a timeline of this semester in PR Pubs through emojis:

A Brief Historyof PR PUBS.png



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