A completed client launch

Wow, what a whirlwind, but a great success! I have just completed my client launch and it was a huge success. For this client launch, I had to launch a social media campaign for my client, TallulahBelle’s, that I have been working with all semester. Luckily for me, the store already had a Facebook and Twitter page with a large following. You can visit the Facebook page here.

For this client launch, I used five of the assignments that we did in class including the short video and fact sheet. All semester I had really focused on the relocation of TallulahBelle’s and how important shopping local is. I faced a minor obstacle when my client wanted me to focus my posts on Mother’s day, graduation and her upcoming event. With this in mind, I easily found a way to incorporate shopping local and how TallulahBelle’s had relocated, while focusing on the upcoming events.

I also focused on what made TallulahBelle’s special and how they were different from your typical art gallery. I found these types of personal posts to be the most successful during the campaign. I got close to a thousand views when I posted about the artists featured at TallulahBelle’s, the background of TallulahBelle’s and how shopping local was important. I thought this was very exciting and I tried to incorporate this kind of thing into all of my posts.

All in all, the client launch was a success!

TV GIF- found here

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