The video saga continues

I know you all are on the edge of your seat wondering how my video project is going and not to ruin the surprise, but it is going very well. It is not done yet, but I am well on my way to finishing by next Thursday, which is the due date. Thankfully it has been moved back due to the long process it takes to cut and edit a video.

Excited GIF- Found here

The editing is coming along and I am really happy with it. I have completed the length and more that it needs to be. The whole interview is based off of her high schools years and focuses mainly on her time in show choir. I start the video off with her dancing through the hallway and then the interview starts. I felt like the dancing was a light hearted way to start off the interview, but it was also a way to secretly give the viewer an inside to what the interview was about.

Throughout the interview, while she is talking, the b-roll is mainly her scrolling through her Facebook feed of photos from show choir and her friends. It is also her showing her high school show choir performance. This b-roll footage gives viewers a nostalgic feel about going back to their past and reliving it through her talking about her high school days, I hope this gives them a connection to the interview.

Dancing GIF- Found here

At random points during the interview and between questions, the music turns up and it cuts to her dancing through the halls again. I feel that this gives the interview a fun and light hearted feel, which is what I am going for. I love how the video is turning out and how fun and free it is. I hope the finished product is even better and turns out how I hope and imagine it will. To hear more about my video saga read my previous two blog posts on the start of the process and the post interview.


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