Finally excited

The time has come to start the video process and the interview piece is completed. I am actually so excited to put it all together because I have this vision in my head and I really hope I can manage to make it a reality.

My interview partner and I met today at 6 pm to do our interviews because I fly home for Easter tomorrow and will not be in class. I think this actually worked better for us because it was at a time of day that Gaylord college was quieter and therefore background noise will not be as big of a problem.

Interview GIF- Found here

We had a great time filming each other and asking questions. I was not quite sure how I was going to feel during the interview because I am not a huge fan of being put on the spot. But, we had a great time and the questions were super easy to answer and it really felt natural, kind of like a conversation. My questions were mainly about my childhood and my mom, which are easy topics to talk about. I mean come on, who doesn’t love talking about themselves?!

The questions  I asked during her interview were about high school and experiences and lessons learned from high school. It was a really cool experience to kind of truly meet the person that day and just jump right into a semi deep conversation about their life and who they are. I actually really enjoyed it.

For the Broll, we had a blast filming it. We tried to get as artsy as we could and really dig to find our creativity. Since the questions really had nothing to do with OU and college life, we decided to do an over-the-shoulder shot while scrolling through pictures, mine of my mom and I and her of her high school days. I also had her dance down the hall way for a good time.

Happy GIF- Found here

I am now excited to start the editing process and hopefully make my idea come to life! Fingers crossed.


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