It’s go time


There is one month left of the semester and that means it is crunch time. Everyone starts to work in over drive to finish all assignments, get grades in and prepare for finals. Oh, what an exciting time. Really, the only exciting part of it is that summer is close.

Since the last post, we have been working on client pieces like informational news release, media advisory, media release, short video and an email pitch. I have focused all of my assignments around the relocation of TallulahBelle’s to Downtown Overland Park. I did this to have a central focus for the overall campaign and then differ each specific assignment slightly. I felt that if I had a focus then the overall campaign would come together better. I chose the relocation because it is the biggest thing going on with TallulahBelle’s right now and it is a huge change that customers and potential customers need to know about.

Screen Shot 2017-04-07 at 5.52.00 pm.png

These assignments have been a challenge because TallulahBelle’s is in Kansas City and I am at school in Norman, Oklahoma. With the distance, we have had to email quite a bit to get information and have my mom go to the store to video for the short video assignment. She did a great job and followed my instructions, but I am a perfectionist so it is hard to not be there to oversee it while it is all going on .

I will use these lessons in my future work by providing coworkers detailed instructions when I can not be there to oversee a project. I will also have to trust my coworkers will do a great job. These lessons will come in handy a lot because in the working world there is a lot of team collaboration and work.


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