Getting into the video vibes

Croom, our fierce-less leader is back!! Thankfully, and now everything is more clear on what to do, how to do it and when it is due.

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Since this week was a little hectic, I will give you all the inside scoop into the video assignment that will be coming. To prepare for this video, we watched a TED talk about StoryCorps and how it has impacted people’s lives and he shared a few of the interviews. This video assignment we are doing is based off of StoryCorps and the interview format it follows.

Now the main difference between StoryCorps and how we will be conducting the video, besides the level of professionalism, is in StoryCorps interviews, they are between two people who know and love each other and ours will be between two classmates who do not necessarily know each other.

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What concerns me about this type of format is how in-depth can these interviews really be if the interviewer knows little to nothing about the interviewee and therefore can not lead the conversation to be more meaningful by already knowing the surface level of the person. I feel these interviews will be more basic and on subjects of everyday life or a piece of ones childhood.

I am excited to start the process and to begin interviewing my person because I am interested on how the conversation will go since it is meant to more raw and real, but most people tend to build a wall or close themselves off a little bit until they get to know a person.

Cheers to another week in PR pubs and the beginning of a new video experience.

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