Rokerthon at OU


The client for this event was the Today Show and more specifically, meteorologist Al Roker. I personally interacted with the event staff from the University of Oklahoma for this event because they gave us wristbands when we walked in and then told us which sections to sit in and then showed up to our spot on the football field where we would create the cloud.

The media targeted was the Today Show viewers because this was the main show that the event was about and more specifically the weather portion of the show. Other medias were local news stations that came to over the event locally.

The first specific activity I observed was the human-made weather map. The strategy for this was that the OU pride would outline the United States and then cutout clouds, rain drops and sun would be held up by students in the middle. The planning for this was where the students would specifically stand, where Al would go through to show where the weather was happening and how the camera crew would follow him. It was live television so every thing happened quickly and needed to be ready on time.

One example of a research topic that would have been part of planning for this event was the world record for the largest weather symbols because that was the main attraction to get students to come. At the event, the coordinators planned on breaking the world record so they would have had to do research on how many people hold the record previously and what the rules were to break the record.

Evidence of writing that I observed that contributed to this event was the emails that had gone out previous to the event to get students to attend and explain to them what was happening. Another evidence of writing that I observed was the script for the weather when Al went through the United States map to give the forecast for the day. He needed to already know and have read where the weather would be so he knew what to say and where to go during the live forecast.

I learned at the event that a lot of the PR aspects of the event happen before the event occurs because you need to send out emails and interested people of the event so that they are aware that it is going on before the event occurs or no one will show up. You also need to inform the media of the event so that they come to cover the event and give media time and write stories about the event.

My overall evaluation of this event was good. I thought that they had everything in place and ready to go before we got there and were specific about where to go and what we needed to do and when so that everyone was informed and ready to go.


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