Wait, what was that?

Oh boy, oh boy. This week was interesting and we didn’t even have class on Thursday. So, for starters we had a substitute and he was great, but did not quite understand how things at Gaylord work because he has never taught there, which makes total sense. We were learning how to use Adobe Publisher, which allows you to create and edit videos.

Movies GIF- found here

We started out by watching tutorials on Lynda.com. The idea was great, but the execution was not. No one brought headphones so everyone was on a different video or a different part and the sound was just too much. There is also just so much to learn on this tool that it was overwhelming coming from an online tutorial. This tool is more of a step by step in class demonstration and then a Q&A session when no one understands. But we did our best.

Australian Open GIF- found here

The lovely substitute kind of caught on to the growing frustration of what the heck are we doing and decided to demo the tool in class, bless him, it was much needed. He uses the tool a lot so he knew what he was doing and therefore went a little fast, but we were still able to catch on or at least act like it. We had fun editing and putting together random videos of greyhounds. Not the cutest dog in the world, but still pretty cute.

Dog GIF- Found here

All in all, we did our best this week and all we can hope for is that Croom comes back and we figure out what we are doing. It is already clear I am going to need all the luck and prayers I can with this tool. Thank you in advance.

Please GIF- Found here

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