Canva, light at the end of the tunnel

After learning new tools for half of the semester, I have finally gotten to use one that I have used before and knew what I was doing before beginning. It was like a breath of fresh air and I finally saw the light at the end of the tunnel. I plan on soaking this success in all weekend because come Tuesday, I will be back to step one and figuring something new out. I do enjoy learning new things, but it is nice to know what you are doing before hand a new times.

This week, we made three social media posts or profile photos on Canva. Canva is a website that helps you design different things from social media posts to powerpoint presentations. It is a creative and easy way to add to your typical presentations and posts. I found it a lot easier to navigate than other tools we have used this year.

Compared to photoshop, I found Canva to be a lot more user friendly and tools within the site easier to find. Photoshop allowed you to have more control and do intricate things and Canva had more of a basic layout and you could add or take things away, but not really take bits and pieces to create.

Compared to indesign, Canva was also easier but a lot more basic and not as creative. Indesign had more features to allow you to be more creative and Canva was just a basic set up with a few tools. The two are used very differently also. I would say indesign is more for the hardcore graphic design people and Canva is more of a basic beginner site to help you learn more about graphic design and be able to create without having to be technology savvy.

For these posts, I used TallulahBelle’s as the focus and did all three posts and photos on it. TallulahBelle’s is an art gallery located in Downtown Overland Park, KS. They have recently moved and I based the posts on their relocation and events coming up in the store. UNIQUE.pngrelocation.pngTRUNK SHOW.png


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