Continuing client work


Over the past couple of weeks, I have been working with my client, TallulahBelle’s on multiple different PR items. We have done a backgrounder, infographics and photos to help with the start of media relations and getting the word out there.

The backgrounder was more finding facts about TallulahBelle’s through primary and secondary research. The main source I used was TallulahBelle’s our story page on the website. This page was extremely helpful because it talked about the start of TallulahBelle’s, the inspiration for the store as well as the passion behind it. I was impressed with the results because I found a lot of useful information that will help me down the road.

The infographics were about a possible event that could happen that the company and one about the history of the company. I found that the backgrounder was a huge help while doing these infographics. I pulled all the facts I used from the backgrounder and did the design through piktochart. I felt really good about how my infographics turned out. I feel they will bring a creative feel to the boutique and really get people interested.

Another task since my last blog post was the photos with captions. The assignment was to get a few pictures that are relevant to the client and add captions. Since TallulahBelle’s is such a unique boutique, I went in a different direction and took a more personal route. I did a few photos of the owner and her daughter, who was the inspiration for the boutique and the reason for the name of the boutique. I also decided to do a few products to show the uniqueness as well. All the products are handmade and that was important for me to highlight as well. My reaction to all the photos and captions was good and content. I felt that through these photos, customers would better understand TallulahBelle’s, how they came about and what they are/ sell. Here is a photo of Melanie Coleman, the owner, with her daughter and an example of a handbag sold at TallulahBelle’s.


After receiving these assignments, I responded by first going to my client and discussing with her how she wanted me to go about these assignments, what was important to her that I highlight and if anything was going on at the boutique that would be a good idea to get out in the media. Once I received her response, I went from there and began the assignment.

I felt very proud about the final product. I feel that these assignments will help my client a lot by getting more information about the boutique and the history of the boutique. The creativeness and uniqueness of the boutique was really displayed through these assignments and I expect positive feedback from the public.


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