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This week, we had the task of creating two direct mailers on Photoshop. The client for these mailers was the OU residential colleges. OU is building two new residential colleges, Headington and Dunham, and they will be opening in the fall. The goal of this assignment was to pick a certain target audience and market to them.

The target audiences I picked were upper class, freshman who will be sophomores in the fall and want to be a part of the best living accommodations and who crave a sense of belonging. These students tend to rely on their parents for money and usually get what they ask for. The second target audience was the parents of these freshman. They were once Sooners and now alumni who feel the best way to get the true Sooner experience is to live on campus and want the absolute best for their child, whether that be education or living situations.

After deciding on target audiences, I had to decide how I wanted to design the direct mailer. This part is what I found to be the most difficult because I had to get a point across that excited and interested the audiences on one single piece of paper and it had to stand out from the other hundreds of pieces of mail they get.

For the students, I decided on the outside to have pictures of the dining halls because they are really impressive to me and after living in the dorms that would catch my eye. Along with the dining halls are a few bullet points on how the colleges are on campus and super close to everything. On the inside, in an arch form with red lettering, it says “elevate your dining experience”. This is to get people interested in how nice the dining  halls are, especially compared to the cafeteria they had while living in the dorms.

Food Animated GIF- found here

For the parents mailer, I chose to do the same front because after attending OU, they will remember their experience and how much they loved campus but these colleges did not exist then so I believe the dining halls will also grab their attention and keep them interested to open it. On the inside at the top in big, bold letters I put “The SOONER experience continues here”. I decided on this because these parents are strong, proud alumni and they want their child to love it as much as they did and I want them to feel like these new residential colleges are the best way for their child to get that experience to the fullest. The entire page is the birds eye view of the residential colleges with each shield and name of each residential college also.

Wow, this is a long post, but this project was more than just designing a mailer to go out to the masses of people possibly interested in continuing to live on campus. This project was about working through a strategy and being able to implement it on paper.

Tv Animated GIF- found here

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