My first podcast is finally here. During this extravagant six minute podcast, I talk about life as a college student in Norman, OK, one of my favorite childhood memories and what I would do with three wishes. I hope you enjoy!

Transcript of podcast:

Boomer Sooner!

My name is Brittany Panko and I am a 20-year-old college junior majoring in Public Relations with a minor in Spanish.

My ultimate goal is to become a successful PR pro in New York City. I grew up in Kansas City.

I’d say my most powerful personality trait is how outgoing I am because I am able to talk to anyone in any situation.

One childhood memory I have is when we were little my grandpa used to rent a house boat and take us down the Mississippi river and we would always go fishing. When we were fishing if like a pole went in the water or anything he would tell us catfish hunter got it. Well I’m now 20 and about two years ago I figured out there is no such thing as catfish hunter so this applies to where I am today because it tells us to have a broad sense of imagination and to have fun.

My family is very close knit, we are fun, energetic, loving, very competitive at every sport or even just on game nights we compete with each other till the end.

And then being a college student living in Norman, OK, it’s fun but also challenging. The school aspect is awesome, the campus is gorgeous, there are lots of great professors here, but the social aspects, there is just campus corner and only a few restaurants and bars to go to so its not as diverse as a large city.

I chose to come to the University of Oklahoma because my mom had some friends that went here and so they insisted I come and visit and so I came and visited, I just loved the campus and I love sports so there is a big football team and how good they are, that was a huge attraction to come here as well as the Greek life here. They have awesome houses and it’s a really big thing so I wanted to get involved with that.

The best thing about college is probably the friendships I’ve made. Everyone is just so much nicer and it’s so easy to find where you fit in.

I don’t have a job necessarily while going to college, but I do have an internship. I am an intern at High Five Media out in Edmond, OK and I do content and social media. So each week I write about one or two blog posts for Linked magazine which is an online magazine publication run by High Five and I also do social media for about 5 different clients so like their Facebook page posts, their tweets on twitter, photos on Instagram, stuff like that.

The best advice I’ve ever been given is probably to just be yourself. You just have to keep being who you are and you’ll find where you want to go in life.

A typical day for me, I wake up around probably about 8 in the morning and then I’ll get up and check my phone for like 15 minutes and then start to get ready like wash my face, brush my teeth, get dressed. I’ll get a cup of coffee, usually decaf with hazelnut almond milk creamer and I’ll read the Skimm, it’s an email that you get every morning at about five or six a.m. and it has the run down of what happened yesterday in the news, lately it has been very political with the new president. That’s how I start my day and I have class every morning at 10:30 till about 1:15 or 2:45, then I’ll usually go get boba tea from Teapioca, that’s the best place to go, then I’ll come home, I usually go to hot yoga or barre at night and then just hang out, eat dinner, do homework and talk with my roommates and on Thursdays watch TGIT, Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal of course.

So if I had three wishes they would be, the first one would be to be able to hear everything be like a fly on the wall because I love people watching and easy dropping and so I think that’s really interesting, two it’d be to fly because I hate traffic especially rush-hour and I leave work every day at 5 so I’m always in rush-hour even Oklahoma City is not as bad as Los Angeles but still I’d like to fly for my third one it’d probably be, I don’t know that’s hard, to have endless wishes even though it probably doesn’t count.

Annoying things brands do on social media is place ads like when you’re on snapchat watching stories and then it’s over and it just pop up and I always click on it, like no body actually watches them and little side ads on Facebook and Twitter no one actually looks at them.

My favorite social media sites would probably be I love Facebook I’m most active on Facebook and I know I’m a little young but I love it and then I also look at Instagram but I never actually post my own Instagram like once every two months is pretty good for me and I also love people’s blog their own personal blogs with like different things they do like Fashion, E! News, and I love reading them and like links to different stories.

So yeah that’s a little bit about me!


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