Attempted market research

This week, we were tasked with going to a student centered apartment complex and getting information and seeing how they sell to their potential clients. The apartment complex I went to was Crimson Park. When I first went through the door, Joi was right there to greet me at her desk, she is also a student living in crimson park and attending OU.

After talking for a little and I rhetorically told her how many roommates I have and what we are looking for in an apartment, she gave me a folder containing everything I would need to know about Crimson Park, including floor plans, pricing and all the amenities offered at Crimson Park like a resort like pool and gym facility.

At the end, I had to fill out a guest card with my information like name, phone number and email. I also had to add who my roommates would be. During this time she focused on how the prices included everything, well besides electricity but she assured me that she lives here and it is only about 29 added dollars a month. When I was heading out she said she would be calling in a few days to see when a good time to set up a tour and get the process moving would be.

I was surprised they did not focus on how the prices were lower than their competitors like Aspen Heights and the Cottages that are on each side of them. I thought that would be a great point to hit on for the students who were looking for a more price tag friendly apartment. Overall, Joi focused mainly on getting me to tour and sign the lease now and how they have great promotions going on like getting a free speaker, cooler or southwest airlines voucher before spring break.

Well Joi, I look forward to your call!

Phone Animated GIF- Found here



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