Getting into the PR writing emotions

We have now finished the first month of school and that means the work load is beginning to pick up. In PR writing, I have grown my personal brand through my social media sites. I have twitter, Facebook and instagram.

Found here

On Twitter and Linkedin, I have changed my platform and gone from a more personal, college kid look to a more professional feel, well as much as a 20 year old college kid can. I have followed different brands and companies that I feel are in the sector of PR that I would like to get into after college to help grow my personal brand and start to connect.

Along with growing our personal brands, we have a real life client that we will be doing PR for throughout the semester. My amazing client is Tallulahbelle’s. Tallulahbelle’s is a local boutique in Overland Park, Kansas. Their grand opening of the new location is tonight so definitely go check all of that awesome stuff out! I am so excited to work with Melanie on all things PR to help grow this awesome boutique.  So far we have started doing some secondary research on media outlets and past exposure of Tallulahbelle’s.

It is looking like this is going to be a great semester. I will be getting some real world PR experience along with in depth writing in class. I look forward to it.


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