Into the world of designing


Well, the time as finally come to cut the cord and jump head first into the wide world of designing.

Fail Animated GIF- found here

To start this business card project off, I made two Pinterest boards to get an idea of the mood I was going for like colors and typography; then another one was other competitors to see how they set their cards up and the information they put on them. I also looked for articles that helped explain what is typically on an insurance company business card. Most of them agreed that the website and an email address was most important.

I decided to start with the branded Lockton blue across the entire background and then the Lockton logo enlarged in the left corner. Since it is an insurance company, they tend to be more conservative. I decided on block-like traditional font to keep it simple but professional and white to help with contrast against the blue. businesscard.jpg

On the back, I wanted something that spoke about the business, but something more than your typical cheesy saying about how great the company is. I believe Lockton’s greatness speaks for it’s self so I went a more personal route. I choose a quote from the Chairman of the Board about how Lockton is a company that is personally involved in the business they do.


After completing this first project on indesign, I am feeling confident about learning how to use it and that I will be able to figure it out.


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