In Design or Un Design…

Wow, What a week! The fairy tale story with In Design begins…. well at the least the story because the whole fairy tale part was lost this week when we actually started using it. I tend to pick up new things quickly, I never really fall behind. Let me tell you, that all came to a halt this past Tuesday when I began working with In Design.

The idea is simple:

  1. Come up with an idea
  2. Arrange the idea creatively in your head
  3. Bring the idea to life
  4. Marvel at how amazing you are and the beautiful creation you just made.
Idea Animated GIF- found here

Well, when you and technology are not the best of friends, this idea can be hard to marvel at because getting it to come to life is where it all ends. Thankfully, I was not alone in this pain ridden state of feeling like a complete failure. Almost the entire class seemed to be feeling the same way, I say this confidently based on the groans and embarrassing laughter as friends looked at each other’s work and found it did not end up looking like the other.

Reaction Animated GIF- found here

Throughout the class period, I was in an overwhelming, nervous panic to hurry up and get it done all while making it actually look good. That was extremely hard to do considering I couldn’t even find the desktop, yes I actually asked where to find the desktop. Not my proudest moment but no worries, I feel I have recovered from then. Needless to say, my journey with In Design is just beginning and I am hoping the “fairy tale” ending is not far away because if it is, I’ve got a long semester ahead.

Sad Animated GIF- found here

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