Graphic Design

Graphic design…. for dummies, or at least that’s how I felt when we were learning about it in class. I tend to not be the most savvy there ever was when it comes to technology and especially adobe suite or photo shop. But I have also never used them before so that could be the problem and to be quite honest, I’ve never had a desire to learn them, it just isn’t my thing, but with this semester it’s going to become my thing.

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Simplicity, minimalism, clarity and unclutterdness: all things that play a major role in graphic design. To me, they all have the same general meaning: don’t over do it! That sounds easy enough, but I tend to fill all the space with as much as I can. My personality tends to show through my “creations” (if that’s what you want to call them) and I have a strong, vibrant personality, which is perfect for PR just not maybe PR publications because I tend to go over the top with images, especially in my own room! The walls are covered in old Vogue covers and pictures of all my friends and family. It just makes me happy to have lots of things going on, which is funny considering 6 out of the 7 days a week you can catch me wearing all black. Even though my wardrobe does not show my vibrant personality, my “creations” will, but they will be a little toned down and still have flair, really it’s all about the flair.

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Next comes the 4 basic principles: contrast, repetition, alignment and proximity. A good way to remember these 4 is by CRAP, which is kind of how I feel about using these new tools. Contrast makes me happy, kind of like opposites attract. Warm and cool colors together, large bold font paired with small thin fonts just brings joy to my heart. But then alignment comes and I get all out of whack. I have a tendency to center align all titles and left align main text, which is not correct because we were told to use one alignment on a piece. Repetition, repetition, repetition, how hard could it be?? Just repeat what you did the last time, I like the idea of that. Clean, easy to read pieces make it easier for people to understand and just like how your logo never changes, neither should your design pieces. Proximity is the distance between things and proximity should be what guides the readers eyes. I think this should be easy to do, everyone reads left to right and up and down. Sweet, sounds easy enough!

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It’s always fun to learn new things so I’m excited to have the opportunity to learn adobe suite and photoshop. Let the graphic design party begin!

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Here is an example piece:

The Vogue team used no color and stuck with black and white as a style choice. The word VOGUE at the top is larger than the other fonts and also capitalized, Audrey Hepburn is in medium fonts and the sentence, price, date and New York are all smaller. I think they did this to direct the reader’s eye to the most important words first. The photograph of Audrey Hepburn is enlarged to also show importance but while keeping the piece simple and clean, making it easy for the reader to understand.


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