Story and design thinking

Stories, everyone has one and each story is different. But how do you change a story or create a story that people will love, that will make people feel something, whether it is a 7 year old girl experiencing a movie for the first time or her parents who have seen hundreds of movies?

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Design thinking follows a process- empathize, define, ideate, prototype, test. Following a process does not seem that abstract or hard to do, but when the process does not follow a specific order and the steps can be intermixed is when people tend to have a harder time working with the process. Design thinking is one of those processes that can be intermixed but once it all comes together, the real magic starts to occur. For example, making a movie is not just starting at step one and going from there, you may get to step four and realize that the look of the character is all wrong and now you are back at step two and having to define the character all over again. The design thinking process is time consuming and can be frustrating, but the result is what makes it all worth it.

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Like I said before, every story is different, but how different is each story really? The shape of most stories tend to actually be quite similar. Well, at least in emotional appeal from beginning to end. The majority of people enjoy stories that start off with someone slightly above average in good fortune, like wealth and health, then somewhere between the beginning and end that person dips below the average line into bad fortune, possibly ill or poor, and by the end they have managed to rise again into the good fortune sector, usually above where they started. People tend to gravitate towards light hearted, happy films that have a strong emotional appeal making the shape of most stories similar. Even though every story is different, the shape of each story is based off the same concept.

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