Favorite spot on campus

OU Student Union- found here

As a junior at the University of Oklahoma majoring in Public Relations and minoring in Spanish, I tend to gravitate towards louder areas where you can talk freely and ease drop whenever you want, we all ease drop even if we don’t admit it. I also love food. I am an extremely picky eater but when I find something I like, I only eat that specific thing for days or even weeks at a time.

What animated gif- found here

When coming to college, I knew in order for me to be successful and actually study, I had to find a space that allowed me to talk constantly, as well as, fill my hunger needs. Most people think about the library when they have to study, but for me it is just way to quite in there and even though they have a mini coffee shop area, they just don’t have enough variety of food. I just knew that I would be too loud for the library, so I have avoided it for the past 2 and a half years.

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With all of that considered, my favorite spot on campus, whether it be for studying, eating or passing time between classes, is the OU student union. Here, I can talk as much as I want with friends in a booth at the Schooner room or FaceTime friends from other universities. I also find it to be a great time to call my parents when I’m  alone in the student union waiting to head to my next class. The student union also has multiple restaurants like Chik-fil-a, Quiznos, a market center and many more. Whether you like pizza or just a small salad for lunch, you can find it in the union, making it a great place for me to find my favorite food item of the week while socializing.

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