Munich, Germany- what a place!

My expectations of Germany were pretty simple, they love beer and cars. With those expectations, we landed in Munich right around dinner time so we headed straight to a beer garden. The seating was different, instead of individual tables for each group, it was set up like a dining hall with long tables that multiple groups of people sat at. The atmosphere was very inclusive and everyone socialised with other groups. It was fun! Of course, we all ordered wiener schnitzel. To my surprise, it was really good. It tasted like lightly fried chicken but it was more of a chicken patty look.

Salzburg, Austria

The Sound of Music was right, the hills were alive! Salzburg was breathtaking. We did a short tour of the main area and then ventured off to find the famous Sound of Music places. First, we found the horse fountain and attempted to take the cute flick the water picture but unfortunately, we were a little short to actually get the water. The monastery was so pretty and completely empty so we had it all to ourselves. You cannot go to Salzburg without singing the Sound of Music through the streets, it just makes sense.

Rothenburg, Germany

This quaint town is still completely walled in. When you imagine how people lived in the olden days, this city makes it come to life. The town was filled with colourful houses and small shops with large window displays. They have a year-round Christmas shop that was my personal favorite because I love the holidays. When in Germany, this is a must go town!


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