Viaje 9: Sevilla 

   Sevilla, one of my favorite cities in Spain and the sister city to Kansas City, my hometown. Although, it was also packed with people, Sevilla was beautiful and full of life, no matter what time of day or night.
On the first day, we took advantage of the sunshine and went for a carriage ride around the “tourist” places like plaza de España and the cathedral. Plaza de España was by far my favorite place in Sevilla. Our hotel was located in Santa Cruz, one of the oldest neighborhoods, and it was a fantastic location. We were able to walk everywhere.

That night, we had a private Flamenco show and little did I know, I had to go on stage with them dance and clap/do whatever they were doing to the beat. I attempted, but I wouldn’t say it went so well. After 2 nine year olds danced and sang, I thought it couldn’t be that hard, but boy was I wrong! All the performers had so much passion and heart for flamenco that made watching, well participating for me, that much more entertaining.

The next day, we had a guide pick us up and take us through the Alcazar and the cathedral. They were both very impressive and filled with history. The gardens in the Alcazar were my favorite, full of palm trees and gorgeous flowers in bloom. We climbed up the tower in the cathedral and got a panoramic view of the city. The cathedral was so old, but the inside was still completely intact and very impressive. Christopher Columbus is now buried there after being transported from place to place, even country to country.

Thankfully, it only rained on us for about 2 hours in the morning and then cleared up so we could watch the processions from the balcony that night.  Sevilla has the most impressive processions in all of Spain. We had a balcony to watch from, instead of attempting to make our way through the crowd to see. Every procession has a float for Jesus and one for Mary, each weighing about 2 tons. Yes, men do carry them. Each float has 3 sets of carriers so when one set gets tired they can rotate. Each float also has their own band playing music. The procession is full of people walking holding candles or crosses while wearing robes and a cone shaped hood.

Holy Week or not, Sevilla is a must-go when coming to Spain.




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