Viaje 12: Córdoba 

 The place were cultures collided is how I’d describe Córdoba. The main attraction here is definitely the cathedral built inside a mosque but the whole city was so pretty.
Córdoba is a place that you could do in one day and that’s exactly what we did. We stayed at Balcon de Córdoba and it was a really nice hotel. It only has 10 rooms though, so book in advance. Upon arrival, we checked into the hotel, got some lunch, got settled into our room and then went for a private guided tour of the city.

We went through the old Jewish quarter first. This area was full of flowers in blue pots hung on walls and a small market and synagogue. The synagogue was taken over by the Christians, so there is also some crosses inside. We visited the old black market were meat was sold during a time when it was banned. Lastly, we went to look out at the bridge with a watch tower at the end, which is now a museum.

The Mosquita, the mosque with a cathedral inside, was so huge and so impressive. We started in the courtyard and then went into the mosque part, the arches and marble columns were incredible and there were so many of them, a little over 800, but originally a little over 1,000 until they had to tear some down to build the cathedral. The cathedral was also built marvelously with sculptures and paintings all over. Each part of the Mosquita felt like we had walked into a different time period. After we left, we got some ice cream from one of the best places in Córdoba.

Our hotel had a restaurant on the terrace overlooking the Mosquita and all of Córdoba. It was so cool seeing the whole city lit up at night. The tables had heaters underneath to keep your legs warm. It was the best thing ever, I think every restaurant needs to invest in these!



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