Viaje 11: Granada 

    Old building, after older building, after even older building and that’s just the Alhambra! Granada was all about the endless amount of history it holds. Seriously, sitting by the river and looking at a wall of a tower, you can see about 1,500 years worth of history. In just one wall. It’s incredible!

We did a private walking tour on our first day, covering everything from the city center to the top of the old town with the best view of the Alhambra. So basically about 500 years of history in a little over 3 and a half hours. Pretty impressive if you ask me. Some highlights of the tour was the cathedral, same as almost every city I’ve visited in Europe, the monument of Queen Isabel and Christopher Colombus with the dates of when Granada was conquered and when Christopher Colombus discovered the “new world” or America as we call it today. Both of which happened in 1492 and the hundreds of steps we climbed up to get the best view possible of the Alhambra. We finished this history filled day with some tapas, as always.

With much anticipation and high expectations, we ventured to the Alhambra on the second day in Granada. It lived up to expectations for sure. We started in the cathedral then went to the moorish palace from the 1300s. This was by far the most impressive part, I thought. After, we went to the Christian section from the 1500s and finished in the tower were the first king lived from the late 1200s.  This tower also had a great view over all of Granada and the Sierra Nevada mountain range, which even though it was in the 70s still had lots of snow on them. After exiting the wall of the Alhambra, we went into the Generalife and the gardens. By far some of the most impressive gardens yet and finally some flowers were planted and others blooming. The Generalife was also very pretty and had cool courtyards. Each house/palace during this time period (about 1300-1500) had courtyards with water and some vegetation (if you could afford it) and the rooms surrounded the courtyard.

Granada is a city full of history and when you order a soda or drink at the bar, you get tapas for free. What a deal! If that isn’t enough to convince you to go, I don’t know what is.



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