Viaje 10: The White Villages of Andalucia

 Before this trip, I had only saw the large cities in Spain. With that, I had come to the conclusion that Spain did not have grass or plants, well at least ones that didn’t grow in dirt. Welp, I sure was wrong. Spain has an amazing, hilly countryside in the south.

For two days, my grandparents and I had a driver and a guide and we traveled the hilly countryside, venturing from one little white village to another. Typically, we would go do one thing in each village. For example, we went to an olive oil plant and toured how they make olive oil and had a tasting at the end. I have a new appreciation for olive oil and, of course, the bread that we had it with. It seemed like each village specialized in a different thing, one being olive oil, another sherry and another goat cheese.

We stayed overnight in the village of Vejer de la Frontera, where we walked around and gasped at how amazing the sunset over the countryside was. This little town was full of leather goods that different shop keepers had made. In the center, they had their own small plaza de España with a cute tile mosaic fountain in the center. The next night, after traveling through village after village, we stayed in Ronda. By the time we got to Ronda we were so exhausted. We decided to take a nap instead of adventure out. From the hotel window we could see a gorgeous bridge and cliff.

The white villages of Andalucia gave me a whole new perspective and view of Spain that I didn’t know existed. Each village was so unique and had a different feel. To me, the white villages are the hidden treasures of Spain.



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