Things I learned in Spain

I was in Spain for four months and I loved it! I learned a lot, so I thought I’d share some of the things I learned about Spain and all the amazing people.

1. It is perfectly normal to stare at people. It’s not just a short eye contact and look away, it a long, hard stare. As I’ve been here, people have just blatantly stared at me, it’s awkward because they don’t smile or say hi, but you get used to it.

2. When you’re in the car or crossing a crosswalk, be prepared to die. The people drive like they are out to kill each other on the roads. Think of New York, but 10 times worse. They also stop at the last possible second when you’re in the crosswalk. Yes, I’ve jumped because I thought they were gonna hit me a couple times, it’s fine they stopped and got a good laugh.

3. The city comes alive around 7:30 at night everyday because many people are taking their post work/pre dinner walk. This is also usually the time many people stop and get coffee and a doughnut or churros and chocolate in order to keep them awake long enough to eat dinner and go out, everyone goes out here.

4. Coffee is the go-to drink at all times of the day. Everyone also drinks straight expresso, no need for the creamers or sugars (gross!!). I’ll stick to my Starbucks tea.

5. If you are over the age of 50 and male, it is code to wear a cardigan with elbow matches everyday and walk around the city center walking the little dog being all adorable. Trust me, you’d fall in love with all of them, they’re precious

6. If you’re in elementary school, it is a must to have a roller backpack. A must.

7. Don’t skip breakfast, lunch isn’t served till 2 p.m. and you will for sure be starving. Trust me.

I hope you’ve enjoyed some of the silly, little things I learned here and if you ever come to visit Spain, don’t forget these, they will definitely  come in handy!



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