Viaje 6: Prague

 Everyone talks about how cool Prague is and how it was there favorite city in Europe, so Naturally I had high expectations, but I wasn’t quite sure but to be expecting. All I knew was that it would be great. Well, it sure was awesome! Whether you’re into history or just looking at fun views, you will love Prague.
The first day, we made our way up to the castle grounds. It was so cool to read and look at all the history in those buildings because everything was so crazy old. Everywhere you looked there was another building with tons of history inside or filled with old crowns from the Royals. Golden Lane had small doll like houses that castle workers used to live in. I, being about 5’4, stood about where the roof began. The inside had just enough room for a bed and the items needed for their specific job. On the edge of the castle grounds was a panoramic view of the city, which was so pretty. I enjoy a good view more than learning about history, so this was my favorite part of the castle grounds. We also adventured over to the John Lennon wall, a wall full of graffiti, and the Charles bridge, which had a bunch of local artist selling their art.

The next day we went to the old town square, which houses the oldest working clock in the world. The buildings here are all settle pastel colors and looked somewhat like town houses. Finally in Prague, I found Starbucks that sells Very Berry Hibiscus refreshers and I couldn’t have been happier. I’ve missed that drink.

We decided to try traditional Czech food and to our surprise, it was fantastic. The wienerschnitzel was the fan favorite. For dessert, we got a donut-cone filled with whipped cream and forest berries. It was the best dessert ever. I would go back solely to get another one.

Prague was an amazing trip and I would defiantly recommend coming here at some point. You will not be disappointed. Also, try the dessert, it will be the best thing you’ll ever eat.



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