Viaje 5: Switzerland 

 The most amazing view I’ve ever seen, Switzerland was absolutely breath-taking everywhere you looked. It was super cold, but once we got moving it didn’t feel so cold. We stayed in Lucern but also went to Interlaken for a day trip.

Lucern was a cute, little city with old buildings and a great sunrise over the mountains. We hiked Mount Pilatous??? the first day, which was just a short bus ride from Lucern. It was such a pretty hike with awesome views the whole way up. My favorite view was overlooking the lake. We made it a little over half way up and decided to take the gondola to the top where it was blizzarding. We sat in the little cafe and ate lunch while watching the snow fall.

Interlaken was the place to be. They had every possible outdoor activity you could think of, from ice skating to bungee jumping. It was about a 2 hour train ride from Lucern to Interlaken, but defiantly worth it. We took an early morning train and just slept the whole way. We had planned on bungee jumping and paragliding but sadly they both got cancelled due to bad weather. Instead, we explored the city, attempted to find one of the lakes but got caught in a down pour and after walking back soaked, we went to a chocolate shop and got actual Swiss hot chocolate, probably the highlight of my trip.

Sadly we didn’t sled or build a snowman this trip, I’m already looking forward to going back. If I were to do it all over again, I would choose to stay in Interlaken. There seemed to be more to do outdoor wise there. Both were great cities, you can’t go wrong with either!




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