Viaje 3 Part 1: Amsterdam 

  Outside the Anne Frank House

  Canal in the center of Amsterdam

Vondel Park

This past weekend was slam packed with site seeing, bus rides, and eating, mainly eating of course! A few friends and I traveled to Amsterdam and Brussels and did everything we possibly could.

My friends and I, for some reason, thought it would be a good idea to get tickets for the 6:30 a.m. flight, leaving us no option but to sleep in the airport because public transportation doesn’t run that early. We did arrive to Amsterdam early enough to have almost a full day to explore, which was nice.

Amsterdam is full of canals and gorgeous homes. Everywhere you go, the buildings are so put together. It makes walking aimlessly a lot of fun. On our first night, we ate at a cute, small Italian restaurant. We had the wrong address and a man came up to us and told us the new location. He was so sweet and had a large bouquet of flowers for the lucky lady he was meeting for dinner. Everyone we encountered was so nice. It really made me enjoy the city more.

I am typically not a museum person, but the Anne Frank house is fascinating and educational at the same time. I did not get bored once and enjoyed walking through the house and warehouse as well as the streets she once lived and walked on. I read her diary many years ago, so going through her house was really cool because they have lots of quotes from her diary all around. It is completely different seeing it than just reading it because you can’t wrap your head around how small the space they hid in was.

Vondel Park was gorgeous and full of people running, kids on bikes and dogs roaming around off-leash. It reminded me a lot of Central Park but smaller.

In Amsterdam, everyone rides a bike. I saw a few cars, but hundreds of bikes everywhere. It was rather cold, especially at night, but everyone just bundled up and rode along. Some even had stroller type attachments to the front for kids to ride in. I loved it. Amsterdam was a great place to visit even though it was a short trip.




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