Viaje 1: Madrid

  Train Station in Madrid The whole group

  Center of Spain  La Plaza Mayor
  Market  Palacio Real
Palacio Real

Madrid, the Capitol of Spain, is beyond amazing. Between the endless amounts of stores and cafes to the incredible buildings and vast history, Madrid is definitely one of the coolest cities on the map.

In Madrid, I went to El Puerta del Sol and I would personally compare it to Times Square in New York, I think they are very similar. The hundreds of people, lots of taxis, and random humans in popular costumes wanting you to take a picture with them.

My favorite place in Madrid (so far) is Palacio Real. It is absolutely humongous and gorgeous. The large fountain in front is the perfect accessory because I love fountains and the view on the other side of the Palacio is nearly impossible to beat.

El Mercado del San Miguel has all your hunger needs from cheese and tapas to start your meal and chocolates and pastries to end it, as well as everything in between. Whether you’re hungry or not, this is a must see place.

La Plaza Mayor is so cool. It is a simple square surrounded by a gorgeous building with fabulous paintings on it. During the holidays, the Christmas market is here. There are also lots of little shops and restaurants surrounding the plaza.

In El Puerto del Sol on the right side is the dead center of Spain. Literally. How cool is it to say you’ve been to the center of Spain?! I think that’s pretty awesome. If nothing else, you’ll have a fabulous photo to show others of your day in Madrid.

I only spent a day in Madrid, exploring with classmates and shopping with friends. But soon I will be heading back to see all the famous museums and parks. Be on the look out for my other adventures coming soon.




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