‘Tis the season

 Nothing sets the mood for the holiday season quite like the Plaza lighting. The whole city gathers to watch the lights turn on Thanksgiving day. This year, it was pouring rain and freezing, so my mom and I went into Lockton and watched the lights turn on from the 10th floor.

My favorite part of the holidays is coming home from college and getting to hang out with family. My mom and I always go shopping for last minute gifts. My family tends to do everything last minute and we are always running late.

On Christmas Eve, my family goes to church and then after we open an individual gift, always PJs, and a family gift, always a board game. We play games for a couple hours and then go to bed and wait for Santa to come. I tend to be the first one awake, so I wake up my little brother first and then we both team up to wake up my older brother.

This Christmas was filled with lots of food, games and family. Now I am off to southern Florida to spend NYE at my grandparents house.

I hope every had a very Merry Christmas! Comment your holiday traditions below.




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