5 Ways to Procrastinate 

As a college student, I tend to find myself constantly trying to find ways to avoid all responsibility. I am usually on top of all my work but there are times when I’d rather be doing anything else. Here are my 5 favorite ways to procrastinate:

1. Watch Netflix. Netflix is the perfect way to escape reality and watch your favorite TV shows or movies. If you currently do not have Netflix, it is a must get. It’s only $7.99 a month and you get the first month free. How generous are they?!  I am currently obsessed with The Blacklist. A couple other favorites that I have watched are Gossip Girl (all-time favorite), Grey’s Anatomy, and One Tree Hill. Next on my list is Gilmore Girls and everyone says it’s awesome.

2. Take BuzzFeed quizzes. All day, my friends and I send different quizzes back and forth. They range from which celeb are you to can we guess your age in 14 would you rather questions. So basically I’m Kourtney Kardashian at 24, no big deal. They are so fun/funny to see your results. But once you take one quiz, you will not stop till you find out everything about yourself according to BuzzFeed.

3. Nap. Sleeping, the best way to avoid all things in life. My naps usually start at 20 minutes then when my alarm goes off I tend to turn it off and my nap turns in to 2 hours, at the least. A nap is the most refreshing way to procrastinate, but trust me, it will last longer than planned, which isn’t Always a bad thing.

4. People watch. Time flies when you’re people watching. The airport is the absolute best place to people watch, but since most people don’t just casually stroll through the airport on the daily, other great places are the student union, Starbucks and the gym. So many different people are at all these places you are bound to find some entertainment.

5. Go get food with friends. Food is more than just eating calories, it is a social event. Grab some friends and go get froyo or a smoothie and sit and talk for hours. My favorite spots to go are Starbucks, Braum’s, and Orangeleaf. It works every time and while you’re there they may just help you solve all the world’s problems, well probably not but maybe your problems at least.

I hope you all have a great time procrastinating! If you have other favorite ways to procrastinate comment below and I will try them out next time I’m looking to avoid all responsibilities.




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