This is Halloween

 This is Halloween, this is Halloween, Halloween, Halloween, Halloween… Every Halloween that song gets stuck in my head, I don’t even remember what it is from. Halloween is all about haunted houses, scary masks, and costumes. I absolutely hate being scared, so Halloween isn’t my favorite. Haunted houses and scary movies are all no-gos for me. Although I am not a fan of the scary aspect, I sure do love the candy. As I’ve grown up, I’ve realized every Halloween you tend to get less and less candy, till you get to the age where you can no longer trick-or-treat so unless you buy it yourself, you won’t get candy or you will be the one handing it out. So I took it upon myself to buy some Halloween candy and celebrate.

This Halloween I had two costumes. The first one was a Coca-Cola can. I wore black leggings, white high top converse, a red Coca-Cola t-shirt and red tulle in my hair. I already had everything I needed for this costume besides the shirt, so two of my friends and I went to Wal-mart and I got a Coca-Cola shirt and they got a Dr. Pepper and Mountain Dew shirt. It was a fun, cheap costume, perfect if you have a college student budget.

My second costume was a Whataburger number. Nicole, one of my very good friends, came up with the idea and Elizabeth and I loved it. So we all did it. For this costume, all we had to buy was 2 pieces of white poster board, orange paint, black yarn, and paint brushes. It’s a DIY costume and I am the farthest thing from a DIY type of girl. This costume was a struggle for me, but Nicole and Elizabeth were very good at it and it worked well for me because they helped when I didn’t know how to do bubble letters. Under the costume, we wore black shirts and a long sleeve shirt. This costume was a hit! Everyone was complimenting us and pointing us out to their friends. It was great, the hard work of the DIY costume definitely paid off.

Halloween is a good excuse to blow the diet and indulge in lots and lots of candy. Have fun working off the candy weight Before thanksgiving arrives! I know I will.




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