Costa Rica

Costa Rica has it all, from gorgeous beaches to the rainforest, you are bound to find something the whole family will love to do. My family and I went over spring break this past year and I am already ready to go back. We stayed for a week And it wasn’t near enough time. Below I have listed some of my favorite things we did:

 Ziplining- Ocean Ranch Park. We traveled inland to go into the rainforest to go ziplining for half a day. I had been before in Hawaii, but it was a totally different experience this time. We had to hike up a mountain in the scorching heat before we could zipline. We did 4 ziplines with the last one being half a mile long! It was so much fun! On one of the ziplines, we went upside down across it. My older brother,who is scared of heights, even did it!

 Waterfall repelling- To waterfall repel, we also had to climb up half a mountain. We did a mini practice at the top of the mountain, but it was nothing like the real thing. The instructors made it look so easy going down the waterfall. We repelled 3 waterfalls and on the first one you had to free fall for a moment then catch the waterfall. I fell multiple times, but eventually made it down.

 Deep Sea fishing- I tend to find fishing to be extremely boring, but I love deep sea fishing because you catch larger and cooler fish than a bass or cat fish (boring). We spent a day out at sea with Costa Rica Dreams fishing team hoping to catch a sailfish. I am not patient whatsoever and neither is anyone else in my family. Everyone was super excited (especially my little brother) as we got on the boat and started heading out. That mentality faded real fast as we sat on the boat moving around for 6 hours (yes, 6 whole hours!!) without seeing a single fish. The captain tried to entertain us at this point by driving through pods of thousands of bottle nosed Dolphins, everyone was amused besides my little brother who had not taken his eyes off the fishing poles or moved a muscle the entire time. Finally, a fish bit and after 10 minutes, Cole got it to the boat. Right after the guides let the fish go after lots of pictures, another fish bit the hook and Austin got to the pole, then another one bit the other hook and at this point it was my turn. The guide just handed me the pole and went to the other side of the boat to help get the fighter belt on Austin. My mom freaked as I was trying to hold onto the pole and not get drug into the ocean, so Cole came to help me hold it till they got the other fighter belt on me. At first everything was going great and the sail fish was swimming towards the boat, it was a piece of cake till it saw the boat and took off the other way. It was a constant battle for 15 minutes trying to get the fish to the boat, my older brother came to help me and then Miguel, one of the guides, came to help hold the pole while I tried to get it in. The line was going out instead of in because the fish was swimming so fast. Eventually, I got the fish in and it was the best moment ever, for me and Miguel, who could finally stop holding my pole while I complained about how hard it was to get the fish in. Before heading in for the day, my mom caught the last one.


Sunset dinner- For dinner one night, we went to a restaurant on the edge of a cliff overlooking the ocean with an amazing view of the sunset. It was breathtaking! In order to watch the sunset while eating, you have to go pretty early, but it is totally worth it. My brothers were not into the whole sit and watch the sunset while having a drink, but they were more into ordering every appetizer on the menu before getting dinner. While they choked down on the appetizers, my mom, stepdad and I sat in the seating area (felt like concert seating) and watched the sun set. The main attraction is the amazing view of the sunset, but the food was great as well.

Surfing- WARNING: Do not attempt to surf if you have absolutely no balance. I would consider myself a pretty good balancer, yeah I trip over my own two feet a lot but that’s beside the point. Surfing involves a lot of balance in order to ride the waves and remain on the board. When you think of surfing, you imagine the massive, crazy waves the pros ride. Yeah that’s not at all what we did, we rode mini baby bumps of waves that were just large enough to push us towards the beach. But it was so awesome! When you’re standing on the board riding the wave in you feel like you’re a pro riding a narly wave, until you fall and salt water goes up your nose and you can’t breathe and it’s back to reality. My family is very competitive (shocker, I know!) so we tried to see who could ride the wave the farthest. In my opinion, I won like always.  
Sail boat- This was the first time I had ever been on a sailboat and it was a great experience. Instead of an actual bottom part, it was rope netting so when it hit waves you’d get soaked. It was so hot it was great when we hit waves. We spent a half day on the boat just going around the coast and we also stopped to snorkel. I love being in the water and snorkeling or scuba diving, so this was my favorite part of the whole week. There is something about the ocean that is so calming to me, which is weird because there are large creepy animals and sharks, mainly sharks. The captain had a bunch of snacks to eat and amazing pineapple, that was my favorite snack. We stopped to swim on the way back and just hung out and my brothers did backflips off the boat. A go pro is a must have to capture all the creatures you see while snorkeling and of course the attempted back flips.

If you love venturing to new places and countries, Costa Rica is a must go. There is so much to do, everyone is bound to have a good time.




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