Fall Festivities 

 Halloween was the perfect day In Norman, OK to venture to the pumpkin patch. A couple friends and I went over to TG Farms to spend the late afternoon in search of the perfect pumpkin. TG Farms has a ton to do like a corn maze, hay ride (it was closed when we went because of storms the day before), petting zoo, and you get to pick a pumpkin. It was the perfect afternoon spent outdoors with friends.

Nicole led us through the corn maze is less than 5 minutes, I was extremely impressed. It was very muddy because of storms the day before but it was still fun to go through.

The actual pumpkin patch was a mud swamp so we just stuck to the very edge and looked for the perfect pumpkin. Since we all live in the sorority house, we had no place for a large pumpkin so we decided to find small ones and set them outside our room doors. It adds another festive feel to the house, I love it!

The petting zoo had goats, miniature horses, cows, pigs, and bunnies. They were all so cute and only wanted to come by us if we had food. They all smelt bad so I did not stay by them for long.

At the entrance, there was a large hay bail spray painted as a pumpkin, and throughout the farm there were face-in-the-holes That we had to stop and do. In the middle of the farm, there was a large play set made of hay and pipe slides. It may have been made for younger kids, but we still had a blast on it. Tire shaped horse swings are not as comfortable as you may think, they are actually pretty hard to swing on. We also used mini pumpkins as eyes, it was Laura’s idea!  Plaid is a fall essential and the scarecrow was dressed in plaid so of course we had to mimick the scarecrow.

 I hope you enjoy all of these fun fall photos and get to enjoy the pumpkin patch for yourself this fall. I will post about my Halloween costumes soon. Have a fun, fall week!




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