Game Day!!

BOOMER! It’s football time in Oklahoma. There is nothing like cool fall air, tailgates (even at 9 am for 11 o’clock games) , and 82,000 crazy Sooner football fans shooting BOOMER SOONER all together before kick off.

Everyone always has the cutest Crimson or white dresses and cowboy boots on for gamedays. A game day is never complete without brick wall pictures at the Phi. Football brings everyone together whether you understand sports or not. We are currently 4-0!!! BOOMER SOONER.

This weekend is OU vs. Texas, one of the biggest games of the year down in Dallas at the Cotton Bowl stadium. OU cancels classes on Friday so everyone can spend the weekend in Dallas getting ready for a big Sooner win and celebrate afterwards. No matter what the rankings are between the teams, the game will always be close and the atmosphere is crazy. All fans going wild for their team hoping to pull out the win. The Texas state fair also goes on at the same time so after a win (hopefully) fair food is the best way to celebrate. They have everything and anything you can imagine fried. There is no better feeling than cheering the boys of fall onto another victory.




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