After getting home from college this summer, I wanted a new workout plan. I did not just want to go to a normal gym everyday or run outside. I wanted to do something I would actually enjoying going to. My mom had been doing a Pilates reformer class that she loved and I had tried yoga before so I thought maybe that would be fun. My chiropractor recommended Better Bodies Pilates and said they also offered barre classes. I had never been to one before but after going I knew it was the perfect workout class.

Barre is a workout class that uses the ballet barre. It works your entire body with different emphasize on different parts of the body depending on what type of class you go to. From the outside looking in, you would not think it would be hard, it looks like such easy movements but boy are you wrong. Just the warm up will get your legs shaking. Classes are usually an hour long and you will for sure feel the burn by the time your done. Typically, the class is divided into two major sections, arms and legs but you use your abs the entire time. At the end for about 10 minutes, you do just abs and you can feel you’ve been working them the whole time because you just shake while attempting to do the ab moves. Barre is perfect for any level of fitness people from beginners to body builders. You do not have to have a dance background to understand the class and you do not have to be flexible or have balance.

Now that I am back at the University of Oklahoma, I go to barre class almost everyday at Balance. Yoga. Barre. The instructors are amazing and they all have a slightly different style than one another which is great because they all tend to focus on different parts of the body. If you have never tried barre and tend to find yourself not wanting to work out because it’s boring, barre is definitely the class for you. I hope everyone tries it and loves it! If you do try it, let me know what you think.




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