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Shelves by my bed


Sophomore year means living in the sorority house! I enjoyed living in the dorms but I am so glad I do not have to again. I am excited to live in the house and get closer with so many of my sisters. My roommate and I picked a room between the work out room and the bathroom, maybe I will feel motivated to work out since it is so close, but probably not. Below I have listed where we got all of the stuff in our room:

Bedding: Target This bedding comes in a duvet or a comforter. I got the comforter because I had a duvet last year and the inside always fell to the bottom so it was like I was sleeping with just a sheet. We went with navy blue sheets because white shows too much. In the dorms and in the house, I got a mattress pad and a bed bug protector just to be safe.

Crafts: Etsy The entire room is covered with tons of crafts and I love it because it seems more fun. The majority of the crafts were done by friends, etsy, or my roommate did them. I can not craft, but I found a bunch of ideas on Pinterest and asked some friends to do them. Pinterest is full of different ideas for crafts and many other things.

Desk: Bed Bath and Beyond I got my school supplies organizer and lamp at Bed Bath and Beyond. The supplies organizer holds everything, it also has a small drawer for post it notes so all my school supplies is in one spot. The lamp has an outlet and USB plug in it,  so you can charger your phone or iPad right on the desk. I added two flowers and quotes from Sex And The City to make the space more fun and creative. I love having a ton of pictures all around so I printed out about 50 pictures from CVS and covered the cork board above my desk in them with a water colored world map with my favorite quote “not all who wander are lost.”

Bed shelves: I love pictures and lots of them. I always forget to actually take pictures though. Having pictures of my friends and family all around makes the room feel more like home to me. So of course, I decorated my bed shelves with lots of pictures. I got the majority of the frames from Bed Bath and Beyond. I also have a light up “P” from Target so I can read or do homework in bed when my roommate is asleep. I use the umbrella jewelry holder for the jewelry I wear everyday. It is convienent to be able to take off the jewelry I wear everyday when I get in bed or I would always forget and have to get back down to take off my jewlery.

Living in the sorority house has been an absolute blast so far and I can not wait to see what the rest of the semester has to hold. I will be studying abroad in Spain for the spring semester and I am so excited to explore this amazing place! I sure will miss being with all my friends in the house but we are getting an apartment next year! I can not wait to have karaoke nights all the time. I hope everyone is having a fabulous school year so far!




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