Labor Day Weekend 


Nothing is better than a long holiday weekend spent at home with my awesome family. I came home from college Friday with two friends to spend the weekend with family. Friday night, my family and I just hung out while I played with our adorable new puppy, Bolt. Bolt is a black lab and about two and a half months old, he is energetic and always getting into something, seriously always! My favorite times with Bolt are when he is asleep and willing to cuddle, not when it is dark outside and he wants to run around and play and I can not find him anywhere because he blends in with the darkness and has ventured over to the neighbors yard.

Saturday, my mom and I went over to Mission Hills to see the progress on the house and go for a run in Loose Park. Loose Park is a gorgeous park with rose bushes and fountains but running three miles in 96 degree heat is not my favorite thing to do, my mom loved it though of course. After the run, drenched in sweat, we went down to the Plaza to shop a little because I needed to get pajamas for Big/ Little and we could not resist going shopping without going into Free People and LuLuLemon. For lunch, we stopped and grabbed salads and sweet potatoes fries from the Mixx. We always get the rustic beet salad, I get it without beets and with corn, the best part is the sweet potatoe chunks in it. I had the lovely task of puppy sitting Saturday night. My best friend was so kind and brought my little brother and I sushi, and then we made cookies and crafted for Big/ Little all while chasing the little monster around. Thankfully, like little kids, by 9 p.m. Bolt was exhausted and fell asleep on my little brother while watching TV. I am not much of a night owl myself, I was asleep on the couch by 10 p.m.

Nothing says summer like a good ole baseball game. It is always a good time when we go to the Royals game. We sat front row right behind the Royals dugout. It was so hot outside the chairs were burning and my stepdad let an ice cube melt on the chair to cool it off, not a bad idea. In the third inning, a player had an extra ball and turned around and looked right at me, so I waved and got the ball. But, my little brother snatched it from me and I have not seen it since. When the Chicago Whitesox were batting, a player decided to let go of the bat after swinging and it came flying my way, luckily it hit the dugout before it got to me. My first reaction was duck, my mom ran, and my little brother and stepdad both tried to catch it. Neither of them actually caught it sadly. By the time the game was over, I had drank three water bottles and sweat what felt like six gallons. The game was a blast even in the scorching heat and the Royals losing.

The weekends always seem to go by so quick and the week days go by so slow. I am back at OU with my first round of exams right around the corner, wish me luck!!




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