Shorts: Lilly Pulitzer// Shoes: Tory Burch// Sunglasses: Ray-Ban// Earrings: Kendra Scott


BID DAY BID DAY BID DAY!! A sorority girl’s favorite day of the year is bid day. Bid day means recruitment is over for another year, and all of the hard work over the past two and a half weeks has finally paid off. PC 15 is on the way!!! PC is the new pledge class and we could not have been more excited for each and every one of them to run to the yard and begin the celebration. This year, Alpha Phi welcomed 97 new members!

For bid day, we did face glitter, Aphi tattoos and took over a hundred pictures, of course! Every sophomore held one of the pink Alpha Phi signs with a new members name, I was lucky enough to get two (yay twins!!). After everyone ran to the house, got their bid day shirts and gifts, put glitter on, and took way too many pictures. We had food trucks come to the house that night! The food trucks were tacos and ice cream. The ice cream was my favorite, I got cookies and cream in a cone! At night, we had a huge sleepover/ movie night! There was a photo booth and a huge candy bar. The movie we watched was She’s The Man, a classic of course! Everyone piled into the great room to watch with blankets and pillows.

The next day, Alpha Phi rented out five party buses and we went to the Plaza district in Oklahoma City to eat at Empire pizza and shop around. It was super fun and a great way to bond with the new members, what’s better than bonding over pizza and shopping? Probably nothing! Throughout the Plaza district there were a couple graffiti walls that were perfect for pictures, so naturally we took more.

It was such a fun weekend getting to know all the new members and spending time with all my sisters! School has now begun so let the late night study sessions begin (YUCK!). I hope everyone has a great school year!




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