Work Week 2015


Alpha Phi Work Week banner



Preview Night

After spending a much needed 3 months at home, traveling, and doing summer school, I could not have been more excited for my sophomore year at the University of Oklahoma (OU)! Everything about OU is amazing from the gorgeous flowers lining the south oval to the crazy football gamedays (BOOMER!!).

One of my favorite things about attending OU is the sorority I joined freshman year, Alpha Phi. Through Alpha Phi, I found my best friends and a home away from home. The dates parties, sisterhood events, and living in the house is more than what I ever expected it to be.

In preparation for recruitment each year, we have a work week. During work week, we learn door chants, bouncing, roll ups, snakes, and conversation techniques. The days feel long and by the end I was completely exhausted, both physically and mentally. But during work week, I became closer to some of my sisters that I never imagined I would. When you are stuck in a house with 100 girls for a week and only get to leave for dinner, you learn a lot of things about different people. After dinner and the seminars for the day, some friends and I would go to one of our rooms, watch YouTube videos and talk about all things sorority (as if we didn’t get enough of that during the day). My personal favorite YouTube videos we watched during work week were the Jimmy Fallon Ew videos, Ellen Degeneres scaring Taylor Swift, and the lip sync battles. Who knew people could bond so much over funny YouTube videos? If you haven’t seen any of the videos I would highly suggest it!

Work Week is not just about the seminars we had to attend during the day, the constant bouncing we had to do, or the games we played to keep our spirits up, it was about the amazing friendships I made that will last the rest of my life. I am so thankful for the amazing sisterhood I am apart of and the crazy people I get to live with and call my best friends. If you are an incoming freshman, in high school, or already in college, I would encourage you to go through recruitment and join a sorority. It’s not just four years, it’s for life.




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