Can you hear the wedding bells?

  On July 18th, 2015 my mom got married on the top of Vail Mountain (yes… Also in Vail, CO). By now, I’m sure you have all caught on about how much my whole family loves Vail since my last 3 posts have been about it. There is a wedding deck on top of the mountain with an amazing scenery of snowy mountain tops (even in July) in the background. Up until about 10 minutes before the ceremony started, there was a huge storm and the center aisles got muddy so the whole wedding party, besides the bride, walked down a side path that was all paved.

It was a pretty small wedding with only 94 guests total, mainly consisting of family and friends that feel like family, including my mom’s best friends who call themselves the YaYa sisters. Since the wedding was out of town, the thursday before the wedding there was a welcome reception where people could meet other guests they didn’t already know, eat good food, and enter some friendly competitions like corn hole and life sized jenga. Corn hole is a yard game where you try and toss the bean bags into the hole of a wooden platfor. Life-sized jenga is a tower of 3 wooden blocks on each level and each player has to take out one block and set it on top of the tower and try to not knock the tower over. Both games were a ton of fun, even though my partner and I lost on the first round of corn hole.

For the rehearsal dinner, it was just family at a Eagle Vail Golf Club. The food was fabulous, we had steak, salmon, or both and multiple sides likes mixed veggies. For dessert, we had berries with a scoop of ice cream, the perfect dessert for having to wear a formal gown the next day! This was a small get together the night before the wedding with lots of funny toasts from multiple people wishing the bride and groom a life filled with nothing but happiness.

THE BIG DAY HAS ARRIVED!! After a year of talking details with my mom to planning my toast at the reception, I couldn’t believe the day had actually arrived. I still had so much to do like actually write my speech on a piece of paper so when I got up to say it I didn’t totally forget the whole thing. I had only heard one or two maid of honor speeches before having to give one so my whole plan was to cry to get everyone emotional and then say a joke and end it pretty quickly, I’d say it worked pretty well for me. Long speeches get boring, especially when everyone is trying to act like they’re listening when all they want is to chow down on the food in front of them! After the beautiful ceremony came lots and lots of pictures (as always) and then the reception. The reception was held at Game Creek Club, also on top of the mountain. After chatting for about an hour, everyone sat down to eat, I nailed my toast (hopefully everyone in attendance agreed) and then danced the night away. The band was amazing and the whole night was a great time until getting back down the gondola and having to chase the city bus because the private shuttles already ended for the night!

All in all, the wedding was amazing and I couldn’t be happier for my amazing mother and new step dad.




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