Welcome to Vail, CO


Tank Top: LuluLemon Sports Bra: LuluLemon


 When most people think of Colorado, they think snow, skiing, and winter time. When I think Colorado, I think mountains, hiking, white water rafting, and water fountains to cool off in. Colorado, specifically Vail, CO, in the summertime is breathe-takingly beautiful from the snow peak mountain scenery everywhere you look to the abundance of multiple colors of flowers that line the walking paths anywhere you go. I do not think it gets any better than Vail in the summertime, don’t get me wrong, Vail in the winter is just as pretty, but I’m a warm weather kind of girl. The plus side to the cold Colorado winters is the amazing hot chocolate they serve at the ski stops!

My favorite thing to do in Vail, CO is go hiking! This trip hiking, we took the Vail Village Gondola up half way because my mom and I had my 2 year old and 1 year old cousins with us. Pushing a 100 pound stroller up the entire mountain did not sound so appealing to us!  The gondola ride up is about 20 minutes and another 20 minutes back down or there are trails down as well. If you do not necessarily like hiking as much as the amazing views, I’d suggest taking the gondola up half way then walking around up there. The boys ended up wanting to walk almost the whole time (they found great walking sticks, of course!) and we went about 4 and a half miles total. The view was just amazing!!

My family owns a condo at The Lodge at Vail so we stay there every time and it is absolutely amazing! Fabulous service and super nice people everywhere! It is right in Vail Village so you do not have to walk far to anything. Vail Village has a ton of small shops and restaurants, we usually do not leave the Vail Village area when we go to Vail except for activities like white water rafting. Another plus is the Lodge at Vail has an awesome spa as well called RockResorts Spa. I have gotten a massage and facial multiple times and each time it has been great. The whole spa is so peaceful, they have a huge fire place and it is so nice. I would highly recommend staying there and if you have time, getting a massage after a long day of hiking!

If you ever find yourself in Colorado, I recommend spending time in Vail or planning a trip would be even better!!




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