Travel Essentials

 Top Shop Floppy Hat// Louis Vuitton Never Full// Tory Burch Flip Flops 

If you know me, you know my favorite thing ever is to travel and if you didn’t, now you do!! I would visit anywhere in the world (unless I have to sleep in a tent then I’m out LOL). I love adventure, exploring new places, and experiencing different cultures. I feel like travel plays a big part in a person’s growth and understanding of others. Since I love to travel and tend to travel often, I thought I’d share a couple things I always have in my carry on:

1. Wallet- obviously in order to get on an airplane or drive a car you need your licenses and these days you need some cash or a credit card. I usually use a tote or large purse as my carry on, so my wallet is already in there and it is one less thing to remember (I tend to forget a lot!!)

2. Headphones- I don’t know about you but nothing passes time faster than listening to music or watching a good movie! For long layovers or flights, I always download a movie from iTunes to keep me entertained or get the best new songs out since spotify does not work on airplanes! Headphones are defiantly a need on road trips to watch movies in the car so you don’t have to fight with siblings on which movie to watch, you can put your headphones in and watch your own!!

3. iPad- in order to watch a movie, you need something to watch it on so I bring my iPad! A laptop also works, it’s just heavier than an iPad. I’m an over packer (it’s a problem!!) so I need all the space in my bags I can get, so an iPad is the smallest option for me.

4. Phone charger- who can go a whole week or even weekend without their phone? Not many of us!! I always keep my phone charger in my carry on because my phone tends to die at the worse times, like if my luggage gets lost that’s when my phone would chose to die, so inconvenient! Now a days, I get my boarding pass sent right to my phone so my forgetful self doesn’t have to remember a boarding pass, so if my phone is low on battery or dies, I can charge it and get on the plane.

5. Jacket- I am constantly cold everywhere I go, especially on an airplane. They always seem to keep airports and airplanes right at the freezing point (little dramatic, I know) but really I’m always so cold. I keep a jacket to cover up in once I get cold or if it’s not cold, it makes a great pillow to take a nap on while on the airplane!

I will be in Vail, CO till Sunday so stay tuned to hear all about my adventures in the mountains!!




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