Flashback To Down Under

Last summer, I had an amazing opportunity to go to Australia, the land down under, with my grandparents for a month and travel around the country. The places we went were Sydney, Cairns, Great Barrier Reef, Northeastern Austraila, Darwin, Ayers Rock, Alice Springs, Kangaroo Island, Adelaide, Melbourne, and Phillip Island. This was the most amazing trip and best possible way to see the majority of this amazing country in only one month’s time(it may seem like a small country on a map but trust me, it’s not!!). I can not wait to go back and head to the land down under and see everything we did not get to on trip! 

While we were in Sydney, they had a festival going on called Vivid. Vivid is where lots of buildings in Sydney are lit up with different patterns and usually have music with them and the opera house’s roof has different colors and is always changing patterns. Sydney was super rainy when we went on a tour of the whole city but it was still so beautiful and so much fun to go through and spend time in. 

Of course we scuba dived the Great Barrier Reef. It was absolutely amazing!! We took a live-aboard boat called the Spirit of Freedom, the dive masters and other people were so fun and nice. Since we did a live-aboard-boat we were out on the ocean for 4 days and 3 nights, that way we could go farther out into the ocean and see different fish, sharks, eels, and other animals that live in deeper waters. The dive sites were so full of amazing coral and tons of different sea life you wouldn’t normally see it made the first day of sea sickness totally worth it! I did a night dive and no one told me sharks are more active at night so when I went down all I could see was the small beam of light from the flash light and I saw a shark eat a fish😳 yes, I freaked out!!

On Kangaroo Island, we stayed at a cute bed and breakfast called Seascapes Lodge. The owners also owned a tour company that we went on a tour with. On the tour we went to a bird refuge and got to watch a bird show and hold different native Australian birds, we were the only ones there because it was raining! We also went to seal bay and got to go down on the beach and get super close to the seals. On the second day, we went and looked for koalas and then went to an animal rescue park and got to feed kangaroos and hold a koala. Now I want a baby koala as a pet, it was so cute and cuddly!!!

We went way out in the desert to Ayers Rock, the aboriginal people call it Uluru. On the first night we did a dinner under the stars and it was absolutely amazing. I had never seen so many stars and constellations before! Some aboriginal dancers came to the dinner and did a few dances for us. The sunrise and sunsets against the rock are the best sunsets, I’d say, in the world. We went hiking around the rock and you can climb it but the aboriginal people prefer you do not, so we didn’t. 



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