Lake Weekend on the 4th



HELLO WORLD😀 I could not be more excited to start sharing all my adventures, favorite fashion trends, and all the fun I’m having with all of you! This past weekend I went to Pomme De Terre lake with my friend Lydia, her family, and another family. We had a blast tubing, riding sea doos, and just hanging out on the lake. It was the Fourth of July weekend so of course we bought lots of big fireworks, sparklers, and smoke bombs; one firework tipped over and came straight for us all😳. No worries it did not hit us!! On the fourth at night, we went out on the lake to watch the town’s firework display, it was so good! The fireworks that explode twice are my personal favorites. If you live in Missouri or any where close I would recommend spending a weekend at Pomme De Terre, or if you live far away, any lake! That’s all for now, check back soon and read about what I’m up to next!




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